Wrestling goes 2-1 at crosstown dual

The wrestling team competed in the B/CS Crosstown duals with Consolidated, CSHS, and Rudder at Consolidated HS. Bryan beat CSHS 48-27, lost to Consolidated 21-44, and beat Rudder 63-12. This match-up brings the varsity record to 6-3 overall and 1-1 in district. Below are the box scores for the matches.

Bryan 48 College Station 27
220: Patrick Clouston (COST) over Kaleb Jenkins (BRHS) (Dec 15-8)
285: Derrick Green (BRHS) over (COST) (For.)
106: Aaron Salinas (BRHS) over (COST) (For.)
113: Larry Duron (BRHS) over Adam Hajj-Ali (COST) (Fall 1:25)
120: Nash Clouston (COST) over Caden DeJesus (BRHS) (Fall 0:00)
126: Cody Murph (BRHS) over Trevor Feese (COST) (Fall 0:00)
132: Jared Covarrubio (COST) over (BRHS) (For.)
138: Andrew Rodriguez (COST) over Douglas Guadarrama (BRHS) (Dec 10-8)
145: Caden Scott (BRHS) over Trent Pampell (COST) (Fall 0:00)
152: Cameron Ward (COST) over Thomas Riojas (BRHS) (Dec 7-1)
160: Tell Ward (COST) over David Frazier (BRHS) (Fall 0:00)
170: Cooper McCall (BRHS) over Braden Tschirhart (COST) (Fall 0:00)
182: Will Ivey (BRHS) over Patrick Rogers (COST) (Fall 0:00)
195: Ezra Hernandez (BRHS) over Josh Hamm (COST) (Fall 0:00)

Bryan JV vs College Station HS
126 Nic Voiles CSHS over Christian Medina BRHS win by fall
170 JaMarcus ThomasBRHS over Jacob Kniffen CSHS win by fall
285 Corbin Saunders CSHS over Matt Sutherland BRHS win by fall

Bryan Girls Vs College Station HS
138 Teya VillalpadoBRHS over Aileen CanteroCSHS win by fall
185 Galataya Guerra CSHS over Zoie Velezquez BRHS Win by fall

Consolidated 44 Bryan 21
285: Derrick Green (BRHS) over Bryson Foust (CSAC) (MD 18-7)
106: Aaron Salinas (BRHS) over (CSAC) (For.)
113: Larry Duron (BRHS) over Garrett George (CSAC) (TF 17-2 6:00)
120: Double Forfeit
126: Mason Kruljac (CSAC) over Cody Murph (BRHS) (Fall 0:00)
132: Darren Cooks (CSAC) over Christian Medina (BRHS) (Fall 0:00)
138: Ryan Jones (CSAC) over Douglas Guadarrama (BRHS) (Fall 0:40)
145: Noah Alford (CSAC) over Thomas Riojas (BRHS) (SV-1 5-3)
152: Harley Coons (CSAC) over Caden Scott (BRHS) (MD 14-0)
160: Samuel Beal (CSAC) over David Frazier (BRHS) (MD 14-6)
170: Waylon Roosma (CSAC) over Cooper McCall (BRHS) (Dec 6-4)
182: JR Matlock (CSAC) over Will Ivey (BRHS) (Fall 1:26)
195: Francisco Valadez (CSAC) over Ezra Hernandez (BRHS) (Fall 4:00)
220: Kaleb Jenkins (BRHS) over (CSAC) (For.)

Bryan JV vs consolidated
160 Consol over Colton Murph BRHS win by fall
170 Jamarcus Thomas win by fall
180 Kamonte Ross win by fall

Bryan 63 Rudder 12
106: Aaron Salinas (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
113: Larry Duron (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
120: Caden DeJesus (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
126: Cody Murph (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
132: Double Forfeit 138: Scott Lanehart (BRRU) over (BRHS) (For.)
145: Thomas Riojas (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
152: Caden Scott (BRHS) over Said Mata (BRRU) (Fall 5:38)
160: David Frazier (BRHS) over Cameron Ridgway (BRRU) (Fall 1:11)
170: Cooper McCall (BRHS) over Thomas Bayer (BRRU) (Fall 0:43)
182: Kemonte Ross (BRHS) over Johnathon Peterson (BRRU) (Dec 9-8)
195: Ezra Hernandez (BRHS) over (BRRU) (For.)
220: Kaleb Jenkins (BRHS) over Braden Smith (BRRU) (Fall 0:42)
285: Bailey Reed (BRRU) over Derrick Green (BRHS) (Fall 4:55)

132 Damarkus Date BRRU over Cody Murph BRHS dec 7-4
152 Estaban Montoya BRRU over Thomas Riojas BRHS Fall 2:35
195 Ezra Hernandez BRHS over Justin Gomez BRRU Tech fall 17-1

Bryan JV vs Rudder
113 Braedon Giles BRHS over Darius Lott BRRU win by fall
132 Christian Medina BRHS over John Coleman BRRU win by tech fall 17-0
160 Colton Murph BRHS ove Brandon Tribble BRRU win by fall
160 JaMarcus Thomas BRHS over Casey Shutt BRRU win by fall
182 Mario Vasquez BRHS over Jacquez Punchard BRRU win by fall
285 Brandon Busher BRRU over Matt Sutherland BRHS win by fall