Clashin’ fashion: Individual expression created by thinking outside the box

Growing up, my mom always told me that everything isn’t meant for everyone in the world of fashion as well. Sometimes people should think about how they look in a certain color or how their clothes fit before walking out of the house. Everyone has their own opinions of fashion and everyday people come up with a new style or a new way to wear things, but there are still certain principles that must be followed as people are still judged on how they put things together and how it looks as a whole. With that said, in the fashion world, all rules are made to be broken and who is anyone to judge a person’s self expression.

Fashion is beautiful. It’s a color palette of choices, but it can get out of hand when people start putting design on design, or color on the same color (color clashing). Styles like this don’t work unless it’s a casual color like black or white. Having free color range is great, but sometimes people have to know how to wear colors with different things like wearing a green shirt with green pants may have been a good idea in the 90s, but it’s not a great idea anymore. That’s when the word “tacky” comes into place, for instance whenever you have a solid green color, it looks best with a neutral skirt or pant. One of the most important things in fashion is for people to know what neutral colors are and how they complement specific colors.

Color clashing doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it’s kind of strange in my opinion. I think color clashing is fun, because it shows that the person has a bright personality and they are probably a fun person to be around. Wearing all black can be considered color clashing too, but it’s on a different level. People who wear all black are showing the world that their personality is very dark and serious and that they usually keep to themselves. Color clashing can tell a story of who a person is and what they are going through. The only person I have seen actually rock the style of color clashing is Calum Worthy known for his role as Dez on the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally. He has the best color clashing outfits that I could ever think of. He dresses from head-to-toe in crazy color patterns and he slays it. His different color shoes and socks are mad crazy and I love it. His character’s personality also matches his crazy color clashing on the show as he’s crazy, always smiling, always laughing, and his mood never fades and neither does his color palette.

Is fashion about a person’s size? Is it about a person’s height? No. At the end of the day a person is going to wear what they want to wear and a bold person won’t care what anyone has to say. If something doesn’t look right on someone, it’s not another person’s place to judge, instead they should help them out. Laughing or talking about how a person dresses is wrong on many levels. Just because something doesn’t appeal to someone else doesn’t give them the right to be cruel. Color clashing isn’t wrong, it’s just how a person put their outfit together. An outfit should be fun and something that makes a person feel comfortable and happy.