Sticks and stones become hashtags and subtweets on internet playground

Jennyfer Tucker

Subtweeting, hashtags, and long paragraphs in the comment section over something completely irrelevant is what most people see today, people of the internet have no chill. Twitter flame wars and internet bullying are just barely scratching the surface of social media controversy, but that doesn’t make them less of a bad thing.

These Social media accounts are used in many different ways for different people.

Some make accounts and use them to communicate with family members and friends, or to stay up-to-date on local and world events. Others feel the need to use them as a platform for hate.

Some things people say in posts can be unnecessary and very rude to others, and while that is wrong, it’s also a problem when people let it get to them more than they should.

Say there’s a post about a girl and it mentions her name, but all of it is complete lies and the person behind the account is just saying all of these really mean things to get under her skin, should she really let it eat her up inside? That’s the thing some people don’t understand about social media, or the internet in general, not all of it is true. If there is a post about someone with so much hatred and that person knows it’s all lies, they shouldn’t even make a comeback it’s a waste of time and takes them down to the other person’s level.

There have been twitter accounts created  to insult others directly by mentioning their twitter handle along with a rude comment. The comments are usually immature, but if the person who the post was about isn’t bothered by it then it shouldn’t bother anyone else. No one should believe a tweet merely because they read it or hold an intervention for another person when they don’t know if the tweet was even true. People need to understand that they can’t control  someone else’s actions and can only be responsible for themselves.

Following the same idea, if the person is offended by the post, because of the immaturity, they don’t have to handle it in a violent manner or even reply at all. Some people say that doing these things are what most call childish or ignorant, but even acknowledging the person behind the account gives them the satisfaction of getting under another person’s skin and makes you no better than them.

There are many reasons why these kinds of accounts are considered irrelevant, as posts things that constantly shame people. People only have control over their own actions and many people are too sensitive to these types of things. They need to realize that nobody knows them better than they know themselves and some internet post won’t change who they are.

Although people shouldn’t post hateful things on social media, the reality is that some people are mean. I’m not trying to put all the weight on the victim, but no matter what stage of life people are in, they need to know how to deal with that type of person. Internet shaming isn’t something that will stop overnight and no matter how hard many have tried, there will always be someone whose favorite hobby is to insult other people behind a screen. The playground bully still exists, they just moved online and it is society’s responsibility to teach the next generation how to handle bullies in this new venue.