Art, technology collide to create new experiences for today’s generation

Payton McKeehan

The creative section of the mind should not be confined. Art is the expression of creativity that also makes the daily life extraordinary and worth living. With that said, art can be viewed in many ways from music, to paintings, to the performing arts, creating a large amount of employment opportunities in order to keep the human mind intrigued. Art seems to influence the current generation the most by encouraging a free-spirited mind.
In fact, they may be lost if all art mysteriously vanished. People like art because they feel that it relates to them and how they feel, making them more comfortable with themselves.

A form of visual art that is of high importance to teenagers is photography. With smartphones containing larger storage and higher quality cameras, photography has seen an increase in user involvement. Because of the great invention that is the smartphone, there are many popular apps used for photography, such as Instagram and VSCO cam. Within these apps, users can share pictures with the world and add filters with a tap of the finger. Never has a generation had such accessibility to photography or the sharing of pictures afterwards. The Polaroid camera, invented in 1948, introduced the idea of having instant access to pictures. There is a newer models now and it has caught the interest of this generation. With the hipster, teenagers love the retro vibe of the Polaroid camera, making it a hot new accessory.

The smartphone’s storage is also largely filled with music as it also has a powerful impact on this generation. They use music as entertainment, motivation, or just to fill in quiet moments of life. Music’s way of putting poetry to a catchy beat or melody creates its popularity and value for teenagers and other generations. Music can be made up of instruments and vocals which, if placed accordingly, can make a very appealing masterpiece. With the touch of a button music can be accessed from a library of thousands of songs all found in the pocket of a majority of teens. Previous generations didn’t have Youtube, the possible dream-maker for independent, not-yet-popular bands. They also didn’t have the ability to take their entire music library with them wherever they went or experience a brand new band streaming their first concert live from New York. Though nothing beats the live sound and experience, there are so many more ways and opportunities to experience a variety of music.

As for the performing arts, Broadway is considered the more classic or artsy way of performing but, there are also dramas and sitcoms that this generation immerses themselves in for entertainment. With this generation’s technology, the television performing arts can also be accessed easier on the go through electronics. A monthly subscription to Netflix can allow viewers to chill and watch popular movies or television shows with a simple internet connection. Binge watching television programs has become the new go-to for late night fun.

With the advancements in technology that have occurred over the past few decades, art has become more accessible and adapted to today’s user. With a click of the button users can access their favorite TV show on the go or listen to the newest artist live. Art isn’t dying, it’s reinventing itself to stay up with the next generation.