Orchestra members advanced to state solo, ensemble contest

Members of the orchestra competed in the solo and ensemble contest at A&M Consol High School on February 6. The following students qualified for the State Solo & Ensemble to be held at the University of Texas in Austin: Kimberly Lamb on violin and piano, Lois Warden on viola, and a string quartet consisting of Sierra Barber, Laura Gonzalez, Alejandra Reyes, and Terry Abigail.

The following students earned a first division:
Kimberly Lamb, Violin
Alondra Beiza, Violin
Michelle Sauza, Violin
Vanessa Gasper, Violin
Fiona Mikeal, Violin
Lois Warden, Viola
Abby Terry, Viola
Sierra Barber, Cello
Tomasa POnce, Cello
Jacorien Bowers, Cello
Nicolas Roman, String Bass
Kimberly Lamb, Piano

Kendall Owen, Cherise Patterson, Tomasa POnce, Michelle Sauza, Violin Quartet
Sierra Barber, Laura Gonzalez, Alejandra Reyes, Abigail Terry, String Quartet
Joseph Hendrix, Carlos Martinex, Zach Prejean, Cello Choir