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Religion provides strong community, direction for masses

People blame religion for a lot of things that happen in life, but if they aren’t arguing about religion, then they will find something else to argue about. Even if people have different sets of beliefs, many things align within religions and can provide common ground for people to relate. Religion provides a majority of people with direction and purpose of some kind.

Having so many religions is a positive part of life because it gives people a variety of customs and beliefs to choose from and live by. In the First Amendment of the Constitution it is included that we, the people, are guaranteed freedom of religion, and we should take advantage of the rights we are given and should not be ashamed of in the religions we choose to believe. I see no problem with someone else having a different religion or belief system than I do, because as an individual, it feels good to freely choose how I live.

In times of crisis, people turn to religion for comfort. When people are broken and tired or facing a crisis, they find themselves looking for answers and sometimes begin searching for a higher power. After the 9/11 attacks hundreds of thousands of people found themselves in churches trying to make sense of it all. Religion bonded people in a moment of terror and gave them hope and comfort within a community of like-minded people.

Religion isn’t just a general term to be thrown around. It gives people a purpose and something to truly believe in. Many people also turn to religion after spending time in jail or making a major mistake as they look for a better path, but it can be for anyone looking for that little bit of hope they have been seeking in a difficult time.

People frequently put their faith, happiness, and troubles into drugs, alcohol, and people. Things like this that people depend on to cope with their problems are temporary and usually only make things worse. Drugs and alcohol may dull the pain momentarily, but it will always return. It’s also important to find happiness from within as others will ultimately fail.

People are free to do what they feel will help and please them, but living by and following a religion will outlast those things and provide a stable environment and community of support. While drugs and alcohol may affect people mentally, emotionally, and physically, it’s usually in a negative way, but religion does all those things in a positive way while also influencing people spiritually. Religion provides a moral compass and direction for people’s lives as a whole.

Though there are wars, killings, and more violent and terrible things going wrong, religion is merely the topic of choice for people to disagree on and if it didn’t exist people would find something else to fight over. The people of this world need to be more mature than worrying about someone else’s beliefs and what they do everyday. Religion isn’t going anywhere. People view it as foundational principles that govern their lives and it is embedded in every part of culture and history.

Religion is not a bad thing. It’s a part of everyday life and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. There are over 6 billion people on Earth, not everyone agrees on the same things, and religion is one of them. People spend their lives fussing and fighting over religion when the basic principles of how people should behave align, even though the belief systems may be different.

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