‘I’m With Her’: Clinton aims to bring experience, stability to White House

Lucy Raleigh

It’s 2016. R&B artist Frank Ocean finally dropped an album, ‘90s pop culture sensation Pokemon has made an incredible resurgence, and the extremely successful Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election is a woman.

Hillary Clinton: a name I’m sure every United States citizen has heard over and over again over the last year since her candidacy for president of the United States was announced in April, 2015. Many Democrats, like myself, were elated to see her name plastered all over the media as the face of the party. Of course, at the beginning of the presidential race, the Democratic party was divided between the Clinton and the Sanders supporters; a rivalry fueled by mostly angry college students and teenagers disagreeing with Hillary and blindly following Bernie based on only a few of his policies. Once the “Bernie Or Bust” fanatics calmed down with the realization that Bernie was not going to rejoin the race for the presidency, many began to side with Clinton.

Some may ask why they should vote for Hillary. Like any presidential candidate, she has plans for the nation’s future, such as setting up a fair tax system, ensuring the rights of the disabled and the LGBT citizens, and providing better support for the country’s veterans. These of course, are only a few components that make up Clinton’s campaign and may not be enough to satisfy the expectations of an ideal presidential candidate, so let me give a break-down:

Most of Clinton’s campaign aims to reach out to minorities like Hispanics and African-Americans (especially the women) in order to give her an edge when voters hit the booths in November. In an effort to increase support among minorities, Clinton has overhauled a plan for immigration reform. Instead of building a wall between the United States and Mexico, Clinton plans to make things easier on the families immigrating while in crisis, like bringing about a comprehensive reform that everyone can understand, do everything the law allows to protect the families immigrating, and creating a national “Office of Immigrant Affairs” to support affordable integration services and increase federal resources for adult English language and citizenship education. All of these efforts are towards making America not only a safe place for the people already living here, but one for people to seek refuge and start their lives.

Another move Clinton has made to gain voter support has been her consistent compassion for America’s veterans. The treatment of veterans is currently unacceptable, and Clinton’s plans to improve the current conditions are smart and achievable. With the aim of making home better for veterans, Clinton wants to make healthcare more accessible to veterans in order to counter the suicide epidemic among veterans and provide a way for them to return to America with opportunities to start their lives back up again with money and careers.

Typically when voting for a government official- especially one held in such high regard like the president of the United States- people are looking for someone with lots of experience under their belt. Clinton fits the bill better than any current candidate. Since graduating from college, Clinton has built a career in government and politics, and made a name for herself that both Republicans and Democrats can respect and get behind. From her start as a lawyer, to her time as the First Lady, to her time spent as Secretary of State, Clinton is by far the most qualified presidential candidate in the race.

All-in-all, Hillary Clinton fits the criteria for an excellent president, and whether or not you consider yourself a Republican or a Democrat, there are plenty of reasons to “be with her” and vote for Hillary.