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Disney star continues to mature, set example for teens

Twenty-year-old Zendaya Coleman is known for her acting, dance skills, and beautiful soft-spoken, heavenly voice. Though she got her start on a Disney sitcom Shake It Up, she’s expanded her career far beyond the sparkly Mouse and has grown into a powerful role model for young women.

Zendaya is a straight-to-work businesswoman and she does not play when it comes to criticism of her personal style. She also doesn’t let people in and out of the media tell her what to do or how to live her life.

Zendaya is known for being a person that many look up to by being an idol, for kids and young teens, and being a helping hand to the community.

Zendaya’s ability to gracefully “clap-back” – a sassy reply to a hater to internet trolls and haters on Twitter and Instagram – is one of the things I love most about her.

Zendaya confidently sported a mullet on the red carpet in 2015; people quickly criticized her, calling her ugly and questioning why she would do something like that. Some even thought she should kill herself over a trivial fashion decision. She took the comments in stride, replying with a post on Instagram with a caption that said: “Please, mullet or no mullet you know I’m still gonna be your WCW tomorrow.” Zendaya demonstrates time after time that she can defend herself against trash-talkers.

There’s so many reasons why people and fans love Zendaya so much and look up to her the way they do.

My favorite thing about her is that she’s a loving and giving person. She takes the money she earns by doing shows or speeches, and find ways to help people in need.

Right before Zendaya’s 20th birthday she started raising money for charity Convoy of Hope Initiative for less fortunate families, with a campaign to raise $50,000 to support Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment. She uploaded a clip on Facebook saying she wanted to “raise money for women who are impoverished”. By helping families start their own business so they can support their families in as many ways as possible.

Even though Zendaya has so many gifts and talents, her voice will always be the most memorable. She started off singing songs from her television debut Shake It Up, making an album in 2013 called “I Love To Dance.” The album features songs like “This Is My Dance Floor”, “Beat Of My Drum”, “I’m Back” and many more.

She later broke away from her Disney stardom to work on her own sound, writing more honest, soulful, and heartfelt music. Zendaya’s debut solo album, “Zendaya”, reaches out to a young mostly teen audience, with upbeat and relatable songs like “Bottle You Up” and “Reply”. The song “Reply” combines Zendaya’s beautiful, soft voice with a good beat and a subject that is left up for interpretation by the listener.

There are so many reasons to like or even love Zendaya. She has a great heart, and a funny smart personality, and is very beautiful. So if you’re looking for talent, humor, or fashion inspiration, check out Zendaya (and give her a follow her on Instagram).

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