Video bloggers inspire, provide guidance for beauty, style

Payton McKeehan

YouTube is used world-wide to upload and watch videos to entertain whatever quirky interest internet users may be into. I find amusement in the beauty and fashion channels like many other young girls. These YouTube bloggers are just average girls who have more experience with things when it comes to beauty tips. The videos serve as a guiding tool for beginners, like myself, who didn’t really have anyone to teach them the basics of beauty.

Many beauty vloggers do both fashion and makeup videos which help viewers become inspired to build their own wardrobe. Meljoy is my favorite. Her personality is outgoing which makes the viewers feel comfortable. Melody, also known as Meljoy, has the “safest” style for people who are afraid to branch out very far. Meljoy also makes other random videos just to be silly and connect more with her audience by expressing her inner style. Though her style is more “safe”, she still takes risks in fashion which I admire about her making her style my favorite.

The Canadian-Filipino blogger Koleen Diaz, known on YouTube as the beauty fashion blogger koleendiaz goes for a more urban glam look. Her typical outfit consists of 2-piece sets or bomber jackets topped off with some funky high heels. Tight-fitted dresses and some popular sports teams’ baseball jersey and/or cap are the jest of her shopping haul videos. Koleendiaz inspires a little braver crowd with her bold wardrobe pieces while keeping in tune with street-style. False lashes, sparkly eye shadow, and a pretty plump pout are a must in her makeup videos. Most of her videos are glam tutorials since she’s all glam all day, every day, which relates to the people with the similar attitude.

Blogger duo Tothe9’s draws in a very brave crowd, bringing minimal and high fashion together found in local thrift shops. The term “Tothe9’s” means someone is dressed fancy or at their best which is why Cassie and Ricci chose Tothe9’s as their YouTube name. The two friends focus on fashion videos, revolving around look-books and shopping hauls with the occasional Q&A. Their style, specifically Ricci, transforms traditional mens’ style into women’s, including baggy shirts and vintage men’s clothing. The duo often takes on a street style highly inspired by the 90’s and the fashion the era entails.

Without these videos, my life would truly be more dull. My style might have never escaped the Aeropostale graphic tees, long jean shorts and random ugly headbands. I truly thank these videos for guiding me to blossom from that awful phase that can be tricky to grow out of correctly. After helping me escape that tragic fashion disaster, these YouTube videos continue to inspire me to expand my horizons and try new things.

If for some reason these videos don’t interest you, there are millions of other channels on YouTube that probably will, and all you have to do is search. Hopefully you find something you love leaving you more excited and inspired to take your own spin off videos and apply them to yourself and your daily life.