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British comedy series finds success state side, leaves audience laughing

From Jim putting office supplies in jello as a prank for Dwight, to Angela and her cats, The Office is one of my favorite shows on TV. With comedic characters like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Kelly Kapoor viewers, are sure to laugh at least once. The Office has many great comebacks and great relationships. They definitely stepped out of their comfort zone of American TV when making this show.

The Office is based around the employees at Dunder-Mifflin Paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The whole show is set like a mock reality show with a camera crew following everything that happens inside the office and warehouse.
The show was based on the British version, aired in 2001, and only ran for 12 episodes over 2 seasons. The American show has been much more popular with 201 episodes in 9 seasons.

The series is cringingly awkward, but that’s what makes it unique and funny. The sarcastic things main character Michael says and the things he does and says and does to Toby who is from H.R. is what makes the show worth watching.

The Office has been a source for many memes on the Internet. Things like “I understand nothing” or “I am dead inside” are pasted onto a screenshot of one of the characters with a funny face, creating a meme that we can all relate to. Most of them are of Michael or Jim, and they never cease to make me laugh.

The cast of The Office is filled with a variety of personalities and races. Kelly Kapoor (played by Mindy Kaling) who ends up obsessed with Ryan, is the chatterbox character, always talking about gossip and boys like a teenager. She’s one of my favorites, among others, just because she brings a whole other level of drama to the show.

Jim has crush on Pam but she’s engaged to a warehouse worker named Roy who messes up their relationship and loses Pam to Jim. The episode where they kissed was one of my favorites, since I shipped them from the very beginning. I think I died a little inside when Pam rejected Jim the first time. She couldn’t deny her feelings for long, because they eventually got together and even had children. It took all of the strength in me not to skip ahead just to see if it was true after I googled whether or not they get together.

I binge watched that show for ages, watching The Office in any room of my house. I think I temporarily disowned my mother when she watched it and said the she didn’t like it. I was over reacting of course but I could not see how she didn’t like the show.

I hear all the time about the show in school and every time it’s mentioned I just want to go home and binge watch it again, just to relive those moments. I recommend watching The Office next time you are searching Netflix for something to watch while avoiding your homework.

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