Cosmetology students advance to state competition

Cosmetology competed in the SkillsUSA District Competition. The following students earned awards:

Hands-on skills:
Megan Meade 2nd place in
3D-Nail Art Skills
Erica Medrano 4th place in
3D-Nail Art Skills
Laura Medina 4th place in

Projects Job Exhibits:
Best of Show- State Qualified Superior
3D Nail Art- Megan Meade

Salon Projects- State Qualified Superior
Leslie Don Juan, Sandra Alatorre
Ana Sanchez, Jessica Badillo
Deisy Maldonado, Guadalupe Calzada

Fantasy-State Qualified Superior
Exia Isaiz

Men’s Design Cut- State Qualified Superior
Guadalupe Calzada

Day and Evening Hair Design-State Qualified Superior
Leslie Munoz, Ana Sanchez, Deisy Maldonado

Salon Projects- Excellent
Erica Medrano
Lauren Medina, Denise Diaz, Exia Isaiz, Damarys Ocampo