Attending tutorials smart choice for successful students

For a lot of freshman, the transition into high school is not easy. The classes become more difficult and students have to adjust to a new schedule (especially if they do a sport). I’ve struggled with that as well, doing cheer while also balancing AP and pre-AP classes. It isn’t easy and it is very time consuming, so I’ve found myself attending a lot more tutorials for help.

Many kids avoid going to tutorials. Why? Because they think it’s embarrassing. It’s become embarrassing to ask for help, and if someone does, they’re labeled as “stupid”. But in reality, tutorials are not just limited to a select few. Even kids in pre-AP, AP, or IB classes need extra help.

Going to tutorials doesn’t mean that someone is stupid, it means that they need a little extra help in one area or that they are struggling a bit to understand a concept. Tutorials are a helpful way to get one-on-one help from teachers. Students get a virtually empty class and can work at their own pace.

Tutorials were put in place to help students, not to hinder them. Students don’t just have to go to tutorials for schoolwork: many times I’ve gone to tutorials to correct a test, finish homework, or review for a test.

I know that it may be difficult to attend tutorials if a student does a sport or extracurricular activity, but your coach or teacher should be willing to help – students have to pass to play. If a teacher doesn’t offer tutorials or if a student can’t make it to the tutorials, most teachers should be willing to help you. Teachers want to help students succeed, and students should take advantage of that opportunity to get ahead.

For many students, college is a distant thought, but grades now are still important. When students go to college, regardless of whether they play a sport or not, they will be expected to keep their grades up. Getting ahead now will help them in the future. Being responsible and taking care of grades is nothing to be embarrassed about. Instead, attending tutorials demonstrates maturity.

It’s your grade. You need to do your part to keep up with it. Don’t let others keep you from doing your best and getting the best grades you can. Tutorials are meant to help you so you need to take advantage of that. Failing is more embarrassing than going to tutorials.