Sister sister: Pitcher, catcher combo proves successful for team

Some siblings live their lives in an infinite cycle of sibling rivalry, and being twins can fuel those fires even more. While some siblings choose to work against each other, some learn to work together. That is exactly what Jacquelyn and Jessica Adams have learned, and they have been an unstoppable force ever since they first stepped onto the softball field.

Jacquelyn and Jessica have been playing softball together for over 11 years. They’ve not only grown as players, but also as siblings. Being the only freshmen on the varsity team, they have many responsibilities, but their coaches are proud of the maturity they’ve shown on the team this year.

“You would never know they are freshman if you were on the outside looking in at our team,” pitching coach Aimee Collins said. “They aren’t afraid to be leaders on and off the field.”

Making varsity has been a goal for both of the girls for many years. It’s a position that they have put in lots of hard work and countless hours..

“For me, making varsity was a big accomplishment,” Jessica said. “I remember when I was younger that was one of the things that I really wanted to do.”

The twins play pitcher and catcher, a position well suited to them as it’s a position that requires a strong bond, a bond that the sisters have developed from playing together over the years.

“If their relationship isn’t in tune, it can affect their game,” Collins said. “It’s pretty neat to play pitcher and catcher as twins because they can always help each other out when they aren’t at practice or playing a game. I know they go home after school and practice for hours to improve.”

Being a pitcher and catcher duo requires Jacquelyn and Jessica to understand each other on the field. If they aren’t on top of their game, it can affect the whole team.

“It’s important to be on the same page and trust each other,” head softball coach Enrique Luna said, “in not only the delivery of the pitch, but in the receiving.”

Over the years, the girls have learned to cherish the time that they spend on the field. Jacquelyn and Jessica know a lot about the game, and the many hours they devote are beneficial to their game play.

“I’ve learned that you need to have fun,” Jacquelyn said. “You need to value playing because you spend a lot of time doing it.”

Working together so much as catcher and pitcher has allowed the twins to develop a close relationship on the field. The twins are each others’ greatest supporters, and when Jacquelyn got injured earlier in the season, Jessica was at her side throughout her recovery.

“We spend a lot of time together,” Jessica said. “All the roadtrips and stuff, it all makes us even closer.”

The support the twins receive from each other helps to push them onto the field. If one is on the field, the other wants to be on the field just as badly.

“They do an awesome job of supporting each other,” Luna said. “They push each other to be the best they can be.”

In the end, all the hard work that the girls have put in has payed off, and their coaches are very proud of the way that they have played this year.

“Their dynamic has impacted the team dramatically this year,” Collins said. “It is kind of intimidating when you have two freshman that come in and immediately are competing for a spot on the varsity, and their drive to become starters pushed our upperclassman to work harder. They haven’t been afraid to compete for a starting position since day one of the school year.”

Both Jacquelyn and Jessica are looking forward to next season as they continue to hone their craft.

“I’m looking forward to the friendships that I will continue to build with my teammates,” Jacquelyn said. “We had a good season this year, and I hope that the next one is just as great.”