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Two Broke Girls: Students pinch pennies to make ends meet

Gail Finch May 2, 2018

Being poor sucks - we’re just going to put that out there. When you’re poor, you can only afford the necessities and there’s very little room for much else. The poverty line keeps moving lower...

Movement against sexual harassment gains power, provides voice

Gail Finch March 29, 2018

A voice speaks up in a crowd of silence, giving others the courage to speak for themselves and tell their stories. Soon, a flood of voices, stories, anecdotes, accusations, and more come crashing in. They...

Diving In: Senior, freshman find success with creation of diving team

Gail Finch March 2, 2018

It’s 6:30 AM, 34º outside, and the sun still hasn’t broke the horizon yet, but divers are already in the pool working to perfect their craft. Since diving is a part of the swimming overall competition,...

Gaming the system: Nintendo capitalizes on Pokemon franchise with Ultra

Gail Finch January 12, 2018

In a world where animals have the ability to beat up other animals for either survival or showing their love for their trainer, the world of Pokémon is full of wonder and curiosity. For a little over...

New hobby is bees knees: Senior finds passion in beekeeping through 4-H spin club

Gail Finch November 21, 2017

Bees swarm around their white box home as they fly in and out working on their honeycomb. Senior Sydney Wilkinson enjoys the buzzing of bees as she maintains their home and helps foster a healthy atmosphere...

Ice ice baby: Winter Olympics dominates mainstream summer games

Gail Finch October 25, 2017

From blades on ice to skis on snow, the Olympic Winter games is more entertaining to me than the Summer Olympics. It could be because of my emotional attachment to them and the nostalgic value they hold,...

‘Bear’ing weight on offense: Senior lineman to play at Baylor University

Gail Finch September 28, 2017

High school athletes await the day where the college of their dream signs them to play the sports they’ve spent years of their life working to perfect their best abilities, while playing games almost...

Baby Driver’s soundtrack provides two hour getaway

Gail Finch September 14, 2017

I’m not really a fan of action movies. I’ve never really liked the explosions and loud surround sound screeching of tires on pavement and bullets shooting through glass, or the cruelty of the antagonist...

Waste of safe space: Real issues overshadowed by trivial disagreements

Gail Finch April 22, 2017

Reliving a traumatic experience at the mention of a specific word or phrase, noise going off, or the sight of a familiar face is nothing to take lightly. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a very real...

Behind the scenes: Senior works with local station to gain professional skills

Gail Finch April 11, 2017

Each night local news anchors come into the homes of community members delivering polished versions of news events, weather, and sports. These people frequently become celebrities in small towns, but there...

Building on the future: Architectural design students advance to state level competition

Gail Finch March 15, 2017

Architectural design students, sophomore Jose Torres and senior Russell Oplinger, competed in the SkillsUSA architecture competition held in Beaumont earlier this month and advanced to the state competion....

Gen Y is this happening: Box offices full of remakes, old ideas

Gail Finch January 19, 2017

The older generation asks this generation many good questions, like: “Why are you teenagers so lazy?” and “Why is this generation of music so self-centered?”. One of the most important questions...

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