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A letter to future historians about COVID-19

Shannon Keyser May 31, 2020

Dear Future Historian, If, for some reason, you are searching for evidence of what it was like for the average person during the COVID-19 lockdown and you have stumbled across this article, let me...

Respiratory issues complicate COVID-19 response for senior

Shannon Keyser May 31, 2020

Asthma is a relatively common disease. In many instances, it is mild, and people can get by with using an inhaler when the need arises. For senior Phoebe Hancock, asthma has taken a much larger role in...

Senior photographer develops skill, places 3rd, has shot at state

Shannon Keyser May 20, 2020

The dozens of pictures taken daily on phones can make people lose sight of the skill photography requires. With photographers needing to learn abilities ranging from staging to exposure to shutter speed,...

Don’t poo poo poodles: Dog breed does not match stereotype

Shannon Keyser April 16, 2020

I never watched any sort of dog show until this year, so when I turned on the Westminster Dog Show this year, I was a little surprised myself. I caught it at the very end, where the judge decides which...

Covid-19: One student’s take on what is happening

Shannon Keyser March 17, 2020

This is my senior year, and I was looking forward getting to participate in the usual high school activities one last time before heading off to start college. I could have never predicted what would...

Student retains positive nature, sense of humor despite broken heart

Shannon Keyser February 22, 2020

 Playing sports, riding roller coasters, drinking caffeine, all things most teenagers take for granted. But for junior Jaci Siegert, each of these poses a potentially-deadly risk. Jaci has a condition...

Electoral college embodies collage of America

Shannon Keyser February 18, 2020

Ah, 2020, the start of a new decade. The summer Olympics are set for Tokyo this year, and the United States has some strong athletes that the country should unify around. But never fear! The presidential...

Bibbity Boppity Boooo: Live action Disney movies kill creativity, pander to greed

Shannon Keyser November 8, 2019

When it comes to the animated film industry, Walt Disney Studios dominates the market with a long list of classic, award-winning movies. I remember getting up early on weekends when I was little to peruse...

All the world’s a stage: Senior to pursue acting career after high school

Shannon Keyser October 31, 2019

As the lights dim and the curtain closes, applause breaks out from around the theater, and one person stands, followed by another until the rest of the auditorium is in a standing ovation. For an actor,...

Senior capitalizes on experiences gained through Boys Nation

Shannon Keyser September 30, 2019

While most people learn about how the legislature works in their government class, very few people have the chance to go through the procedures of Congress. This summer, senior Caleb Merell was chosen...

Microsoft provides One solution for everyday problems

Shannon Keyser September 6, 2019

I guess I could do a fancy introduction, but this is going to be a long article, so I’ll just jump straight to the point. An unfortunate number of people are suffering under the delusion that Google...

International communications: Multilingual education opens mind, cultural doors

Shannon Keyser April 6, 2019

America has the reputation of many of its citizens being monolingual, but one student is breaking that stereotype. Senior Dylan Thatcher has studied and practiced multiple languages for the past several...

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