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Christmas movies are a Marvel to behold

Jaci Siegert November 21, 2019

While most people only think of December 25 as the day George Washington crossed the Delaware, a minority celebrate a holiday called Christmas. “What is Christmas?” you may find yourself wondering....

This is Spider-Mean: Disney’s greed squashes chances for Marvel sequel

Jaci Siegert September 20, 2019

Swinging from building to building. Super powers developed from the bite of a radioactive arachnid. Attending high school by day, fighting criminals by night. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has...

‘Marvel’ous movie makes millions at debut, showcases strong female lead

Jaci Siegert April 17, 2019

Marvel Studios has taken over the cinematic world over the past eleven years and continues to do so in 2019 with Captain Marvel. Since Marvel’s first film, Iron Man in 2008, a whopping twenty-two movies...

Disney shows off new powers Big Hero 6 conveys powerful message, displays stellar animation

Jesse Baxter November 17, 2014

Disney recently released Big Hero 6 in theatres after its inception as a Marvel comic in 1998, giving it a second life. Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel enabled this film to be made, as they now...

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