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Future marine aspires to join military band upon graduation

Sophia Bradley September 16, 2021

Out of breath. Struggling to stay awake. Hunger pangs setting in. Alone, they would not survive, but together they are stronger. The Marine Corps prepares individuals to work as a unit and endure the...

What service truly means: Soldiers, families face hardships of military life

Andy Ramirez April 17, 2015

“Fox News special report, chaos in the middle east as American troops...” Click. “9,000 American military advisers remain in Afghanistan...” Click “So Senator, how do you feel about US involvement...

Students enlist in military, gain means to attend college

Danica Mendes October 20, 2014

While some students are struggling to find ways to pay for the climbing cost of college tuition, the military is providing another option. Seniors Kaitlyn Harris and Matthew Greer both received $83,000...

Withdrawal of American troops will cause chaos in Middle East

Andy Ramirez September 26, 2011

President Obama has recently outlined a plan to withdraw the majority of United States forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan by December 2012, which would leave only a small amount of soldiers behind to maintain...

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