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Cinematic recommendations

Julia Jones, Staff writer November 3, 2022

  Looking for something new to watch next time you go to the movie theater? Curious about some upcoming films? Here’s a list to check out; maybe you’ll find a new favorite. Black Panther:...

Archetype crumbles under societal pressure, modification

Samantha Lamb December 3, 2021

In support of the feminist movement, there is a new character trope that is now commonly used: the strong female character (SFC).  This is a female protagonist who does not need help in her life...

Giddy for Ghibli: Studio creates superior visuals, storytelling

Ron Toback-Wolf September 28, 2021

There's a studio that's made multiple academy-award-winning movies with phenomenal visuals, characters, and storytelling. And yet people look at them not like the brilliant masterpieces they are, but...

Audience relates to revolutionary film through inclusion of content creators

Lillian Smith September 24, 2021

After the world was shut down due to COVID, businesses such as movie theaters are finally starting to open again. One exceptional movie that is worth leaving the house for is FreeGuy. FreeGuy is about...

Streaming service sales soar: Disney+ appeals to old, new fans, finding its place in the market

Owen Gibbs September 22, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping us more confined to our homes than we have been in the past, many of us are looking for something new to watch. The huge library of movies and shows Disney+ offers is a great way...

One in a minion: Illumination falls flat after single successful movie

Sophia Bradley February 23, 2020

Animation studios are in a constant battle to get their movies the most attention from the public. Some studios never fail to provide a good movie for their intended audiences. Walt Disney, Pixar, and...

Classic battle of good, evil mirrored in mixed emotional review of latest Star Wars movie

Owen Gibbs January 29, 2020

Please note, there will be various spoilers throughout this article.  Overall, Disney has done a pretty decent job with the Star Wars franchise. The movies themselves are done well, and I find...

Bibbity Boppity Boooo: Live action Disney movies kill creativity, pander to greed

Shannon Keyser November 8, 2019

When it comes to the animated film industry, Walt Disney Studios dominates the market with a long list of classic, award-winning movies. I remember getting up early on weekends when I was little to peruse...

Movies set to release in 2019 promise to thrill audiences

Jaci Siegert January 29, 2019

A new year brings new blockbusters to theaters. Some movie-goers are enthusiastic about these new films but others are skeptical about the quality of the movies 2019 has in store. This year will have a...

Girl power: Superhero movies lack quality female leads

Abby Mendez October 30, 2018

In the past decade, heroes like Captain America and Iron Man have dominated the movie industry, with movie franchises like Marvel and DC raking in billions of dollars. But it seems as if female superheroes...

Merc with a mouth: Marvel movie makes mark at box office

Gail Finch March 29, 2016

Breaking box office records for an R rated movie by earning over $132 million on opening weekend, the friendly neighborhood anti-hero Deadpool made his Marvel movie debut on Valentine’s Day weekend....

Second is the first loser: Movie sequels fail to capture spirit of originals, few worth watching

Lucy Raleigh April 15, 2015

The parking lot is full at a local movie theater and lines of people decked in various merchandise stretch around the building, everyone waiting for the same thing: tickets for the newest addition to an...

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