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Catfish: MTV reels in new reality show

Andrea Mendes February 21, 2013

Decades of traditional TV shows have come to an end as our generation moves away from cartoons and family shows and into the world of reality TV. Reality TV seems to be all over TV station these days;...

MTV brings Awkward series to teens

Justin Sanders October 23, 2011

MTV’s new series Awkward, is uncomfortable, but for the star of the show, Jenna Hamilton, this is a part of her everyday life at high school. Jenna is a 15-year-old who goes unnoticed by her peers...

MTV without music has no rhythm

Andrea Mendes September 24, 2011

When is the last time you saw a music video on MTV? No, I’m not talking about those 20 second clips of songs in between endless reality shows; I’m talking about a real music video. If you’re an...

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