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Get up, get active, get healthy: Making positive decisions, following though can change a life

Kaywin McCall February 25, 2017
One of the most difficult things to do is starting something new. One can overthink it, and talk themselves out of it. Starting a new sport, new class, new way of thinking, self improvements, eating healthy, starting to workout... whatever it might be, gaining motivation is difficult, especially when one doubts how far they’ll go, how much they can do, and how they will do it. Sometimes those doubters aren’t outsiders, but the person attempting to make the change. One might doubt the progress that will be made, and that stops them from starting. One of the most difficult things for me to do was to start taking care of my body - physically and mentally.

On a Budget: Food

Stephani Whisenant January 24, 2011
Americans, especially the younger generations, are known for eating on the go. The life of a high school student is hectic, so the convenience of fast food is very appealing to many students, but the fiscal and health consequences are often over looked.

What about off-campus lunch?

Eduardo Alvarado October 14, 2010
Even though Bryan High has been a closed campus for over fifteen years, many students don’t know why they are not allowed to leave campus for lunch. For the administration, safety is one of the main priorities in maintaining a closed campus.

‘The Skinny’ on school nutrition

John Fuller October 14, 2010
When asked what their favorite class of the day is, plenty of students would undoubtedly answer, “Lunch!”. Yet, how many students know what goes into making a daily meal in the school cafeteria? Starting at 6:30 in the morning, cafeteria workers begin arriving to start preparing for the day’s meals.
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