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Senior photographer develops skill, places 3rd, has shot at state

Shannon Keyser May 20, 2020

The dozens of pictures taken daily on phones can make people lose sight of the skill photography requires. With photographers needing to learn abilities ranging from staging to exposure to shutter speed,...

Keeping things in focus: Senior’s vision loss does not deter him from capturing mind, heart through photography

Lucy Raleigh September 9, 2016

Focused. The picture. The mindset. Each has to be focused when it comes to photography if the desired outcome is to be achieved. Society sometimes attempts to dictate what individuals are capable of...

Resilient Woman: Student’s project inspires, reveals truth of human spirit

Lucy Raleigh March 2, 2016

There’s more to a woman’s beauty than her outer appearance; a woman can be strong, smart, funny, or anything in between and still be beautiful. Senior Rowdie Bright made it her mission to capture the...

Photography students advance to state, dominate competition

adviser February 24, 2016

Photography students competed at the Skills USA competition in Beaumont last weekend. The following students placed (* advance to state): Employment application process: Jacob Barrios - 2nd* Action Skills:...

Freeze frame: Photography student captures emotions through digital media

Gail Finch February 22, 2016

Sweat drips from bodies as they’re pressed together, jumping to the rhythm that will leave them deafened by the end of the set. Smoke from the fog machine pours into the crowd as the lights blind everyone...

Through the looking glass: Teacher uses photography to introduce students to wonderland of creativity, success

Madison Hines November 18, 2014

A lot more than an image can be captured through the lens of a camera. A glimpse of human interaction can be frozen, a memory can be saved. A photographer is taught to pay attention to detail, to step...

Memories captured through a lens

Justin Sanders January 30, 2013

In the late 1800’s a peculiar type of art was rising and slowly becoming popular among the masses. With the invention of Brownie cameras by Kodak in the early 1900’s, photography became popular and...

Phony Photographers Be Gone!

Justin Sanders February 16, 2012

With the recent advances in technology, just about every phone has one thing on it: a camera. This gives anyone the chance to freeze a moment in time simply by pushing a button. People now tend to think...

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