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The Norseman

Classic battle of good, evil mirrored in mixed emotional review of latest Star Wars movie

Owen Gibbs January 29, 2020

Please note, there will be various spoilers throughout this article.  Overall, Disney has done a pretty decent job with the Star Wars franchise. The movies themselves are done well, and I find...

Dark side to Light: Star Wars movie franchise spans the galaxy on quality, entertainment

Owen Gibbs March 28, 2019

Star Wars, created by George Lucas in 1977, is my favorite movie franchise of all time. Many fans were opposed to Lucas selling the series to Disney, but personally, I couldn’t be more pleased because...

Star Wars continues to shine for new generations

Monserrat Madrazo November 15, 2011

Star Wars: some people love it, some hate it. There usually is no middle ground. I am one of those people who is madly in love with it, which is why, when I heard that the complete saga was going to...

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