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Purr-suing passion

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor May 16, 2024

Becoming a successful artist often takes years of hard work and dedication, as one must blend natural talent with hours of practice. Senior Norah Robinson has achieved recognition for her art, as she received...

Provazek crowned BCYLS Queen

Belle Pollard, Staff writer May 10, 2024

To kick off the Brazos County Youth Livestock Show, a Queen is crowned to help with festivities and promote the following year’s event. Junior Kristen Provazek was named this year’s BCYLS Queen after...

Signed, switching it up

Sabrina Bush, Staff writer May 9, 2024

From receiving to fielding, senior Hannah Miller has learned to be flexible and adapt to fill whatever role her team needs. As a senior, she easily transitioned from catcher to third baseman, putting her...

Rhythm of life

Reily Dominy, Editor May 7, 2024

A beautiful melody of instruments and voices fills the air as the crowd listens in awe. When the song finishes, the audience applauds as the composer bows in appreciation. Junior Juan Barco wrote and composed...

Students coach flag football, give back to community

Will Zwerneman, Staff writer May 6, 2024

The smell of wet grass. The clash of cleats. The thwack of the football hitting the receiver’s hands. As the spunky eight-year-olds hit the field for their next flag football match, sophomores CJ Fletcher...

Climbing the ladder of success

Carmella Jones, Staff writer May 2, 2024

Only 3% of high school football players will get the chance to continue their sport at the Division 1 level. With so many football careers ending with senior year, athletes who achieve success after high...

Let him cook

Addi Hollinger, Assistant editor April 26, 2024

BBQ is a staple food in Texas, with chili labeled as the official state food. Sophomore Eli Robinson and his culinary teammates have learned to prepare, smoke, and present multiple delicacies for contests....

Sophomore Avery Archer cuts inside the lane to drive to the basket for another two points.

Nothing but net

SaNyla Bullock, Staff writer February 28, 2024

The seconds tick down as the team races down the court finishing for the tie, behind by two. The offense sets up for a final play and swings the ball to the outside as sophomore Avery Archer launches a...

Senior Kristyn Hernandez last played in the spring of 2023, but she is working to get back on the field with the rest of her team.

Broken wing

Elijah Cruz, Staff writer February 27, 2024

Accidents happen all the time. Whether it be tripping in the hallway, dropping your phone, or forgetting homework at your desk, the frequency of accidents is very high. Yet, when it comes to physical accidents...

James Hluchan, 12


Christian Alvarado, Staff writer February 23, 2024

Parents, teachers, and counselors all tell students to follow their dreams, pursue a career they are passionate about, and find their path in life. For most seniors, that is a daunting task where, even...

Kwincie Godfrey, 12

Carving out an interest

Addison Perry, Staff writer February 12, 2024

Geography, base numbers, computer science, and carpentry all have one thing in common - senior Kwincie Godfrey has an interest in each of them. Kwincie’s ability to hyperfocus and delve into a topic...

Students from across Texas gather in the Silver cafeteria to compete during the speed cubing event.

Problem solved

Reily Dominy, Editor November 12, 2023

A classic puzzle from the 70’s has found a resurgence among youth. The Rubik’s Cube, which could be found unsolved and discarded in countless homes in the 80’s, has been given new life through online...

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