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Life is Strange spins superb story through symbolism

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor March 29, 2023

Life Is Strange is a five-part episodic story-based choice and consequence game that allows players to rewind time that affects the past, present, and future. Released in 2015, the style the creators used...

Marvel game goes Miles above expectations

January 10, 2023

After hours of rigorous gameplay, smashing the X button over and over, and finally defeating the final boss, the last cutscene plays. You feel a sense of joy circulating through you, reflecting on the...

Switching it up: Nintendo’s newest Animal Crossing game makes being in debt to a raccoon fun

Lillian Smith November 18, 2021
n March 20, 2020, a ray of sunshine broke through the thick clouds of quarantine; Nintendo released Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), a classic life simulator game with a new take.  

Sims fosters God-complex, provides gamers with outlet for control

Alexis Martinez April 4, 2018
“Miss Martinez I'd like to file a complaint against your creations! Your little Ansel has not only superglued all the computer mouses in the library to the desks but he also superglued the principal's toupee to the school's mascot while his sister Erica is going off to nightclubs doing what you hooligans call twerking-on table tops! We eat off those things for goodness sakes! What do you have to say for yourself ?” “...Um Yolo?”

Video game creates world of escape, adventure

Davis Downey January 10, 2012
The Elder Scrolls franchise has been around for years, but only in recent years has it gained national acclaim and a larger base of players. The last two installments of the series were somewhat popular, but Skyrim represents the birth of a new generation of players who are ready to enjoy one of the best games created in the last decade.
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