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2023_01_25 Norseman Broadcasting

BHS Norseman Staff January 24, 2023

Watch now to learn about upcoming events for the week of January 23 at Bryan High.

Thank you for being a friend

Christian Alvarado, Staff writer January 12, 2023

Picture it. Bryan, Texas 2015, and seven-year-old me is mindlessly flipping through cable channels on a Saturday night, hoping for any glimpse of an okay show that could help me pass the time. After not...

Order up

Maci Brown January 11, 2023
Barista uses human sciences to predict orders

Grape juice reigns supreme over all other drinks

January 11, 2023

Juice is yummy, spectacular, flavorful, delectable, and scrumptious. It compliments any meal or is great as a stand-alone drink. Though there is a lot of debate about what juice reigns supreme, I know...

2023_01_11 Norseman Broadcasting

BHS Norseman Staff January 10, 2023

Watch now to learn about upcoming events for the week of January 9 at Bryan High.

Marvel game goes Miles above expectations

January 10, 2023

After hours of rigorous gameplay, smashing the X button over and over, and finally defeating the final boss, the last cutscene plays. You feel a sense of joy circulating through you, reflecting on the...

Theatre student performs at international competition, pursues future career

January 9, 2023
One of the sounds theatre students live for is the sound of applause. Since her elementary school years, junior Josie Bettis has thrived off of the stage, the lights, and the applause. This summer, she made it to the International Thespians Festival (ITF) after qualifying at the Texas Thespians Festival. Though many people have made an impact on Josie’s theatrical career, her dad and intermediate school theatre director stand out the most. 

Turning page, starting new chapter

Julia Jones, Staff writer December 8, 2022

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved visiting the library. Back then, I loved playing games on the computers, pretending to be a chef at the toy kitchens, and checking out my favorite cartoons. When...

Home sweet home

Callie Bollinger, Assistant editor December 5, 2022

A brand new diploma, graduation caps thrown in the air, one last moment with classmates you have known for ages. Then, all of a sudden, a terrifying cloud that has been hovering over your head since the...

Swiftly to the top of the charts

Ace Roueche, Assistant Editor December 1, 2022

This October, after much hype and speculation, Taylor Swift dropped her latest album, Midnights, to mixed reviews across the board. While some praised the album’s striking aesthetic and emotionally powerful...

Broadcast – November 30, 2022

Norseman Staff November 29, 2022

Watch now to learn about upcoming events for the week of November 28 at Bryan High.

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