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Mental illness epidemic in younger generations

Elijah Cruz, Staff writer May 17, 2024

Illness and disease have been common throughout human history. In medieval times, there was the black death; in the early modern era, there was the flu; and just four years ago, we very recently had the...

Purr-suing passion

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor May 16, 2024

Becoming a successful artist often takes years of hard work and dedication, as one must blend natural talent with hours of practice. Senior Norah Robinson has achieved recognition for her art, as she received...

Graphic design students create characters, curriculm for Essential 8

Ace Roueche, Associate editor May 16, 2024

A project that started in 2019 as a way to extend lessons for advanced students has evolved into a district initiative led by the Viking Graphic Arts (VGA) to reimage and reimagine the Essential 8 (E8)...

Friendship bridges distance through support, solidifies bond

Addi Hollinger, Assistant editor May 15, 2024

When people make big changes in their lives, it can affect their relationships. Whether moving away from home or getting a new job that takes up more time, friendships with added distance can suffer. I...

Rootin’ tootin’ time

Reily Dominy, Editor May 15, 2024

Riding through the Wild West on horseback, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and all of your cowboy gang friends while a euphonious soundtrack plays in the background, sounds like the perfect way to spend...

Grand champions

Lea Cammack, Staff writer May 14, 2024

Each year, youth from all over Brazos County come together to showcase their projects within the agriculture and the family and consumer science fields. Livestock such as commercial steers, lambs, and...

Cybersecurity duo advances to nationals this summer

Katherine Keyser, Assistant editor May 14, 2024

In April, juniors Vincent Dang and Kaden Tham were named the state champions in cybersecurity for SkillsUSA and will represent Texas at the national event held in Atlanta, Georgia, in June. After winning...

BBL Drizzy making headlines once again

Carmella Jones, Staff writer May 14, 2024

Drake vs. Everybody 20v1. If you have been online recently, I’m sure you have seen all of the backlash and sneak dissing going on with big-name rappers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Rick Ross,...

Cosmetology student advances to nationals in nail care

Addison Perry, Staff writer May 13, 2024

In an arena full of thousands of students from around Texas, senior Danna Martinez’s name flashed on the jumbotron as the announcer presented her to the crowd as the state champion for nail care and...

Local families open homes to Polish students for unique experience

Elijah Cruz, Staff writer May 13, 2024

The B/CS Sister Cities program, in coordination with the X Liceum Ogólnokształcące School in Toruń, Poland, brought 17 students to the local area. In addition to visiting places of interest, the students...

Annual IB exhibition scheduled for May 21

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer May 13, 2024

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Exhibition will be held on May 21 in the Blue Commons from 5:00-6:30 pm. This event is a chance for IB juniors and seniors to present a project they worked on this...

Children’s show must see for entire family

Belle Pollard, Staff writer May 10, 2024

It’s always good to learn lessons, but I don’t want to learn them the hard way. So I watch Bluey. Before you come at me, yes, I’m aware it’s a children’s show, but Bluey is beneficial to EVERYONE...

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