• Academic UIL District Runner-Up: The Academic UIL team traveled to Belton on March 26 to compete in the district meet where they took second place overall.

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Students complain about how boring high school is and lament the fact that it isn’t what they see on movies and TV shows. While reality is frequently a far cry from what is found on both the small and big screens, a lot of the “boring” comes from the behavior of the students. If students […]
“During high school, I started doing the papers, and I really enjoyed that,” Courtney said. “I enjoyed how I was able to put more of my heart and soul into the papers, even if that’s not exactly what the judges wanted.” Each year, there is a different theme for the NHD competition, and each time […]
“At Lowe’s, they had little kits that they gave to kids with a seed and a little bit of dirt,” Luke said. “I took it home and planted it, and it grew. Then the next year my family started a garden.” Luke enjoys the entire process of gardening, and, even though it is a long […]
Not enough people play video games. At least not at the current rate and quality at which they’re produced. In America, there’s so many people who care about the newest superhero movie or the latest episode of Euphoria, so it’s clear that the demand for interesting and engaging media is high. And yet, video games […]
outscoring their opponents 124-13.