Students advance to state in VASE competition

Students participated in the Regional and Area VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) competition where 50 BHS students competed.

Region 6 had a total of 1160 pieces of artwork entered. There were 704 Regional Medal winners.  Going to State for divisions was: Division 1 – 21 pieces, Division 2 – 18 pieces, Division III – 12 pieces, Division IV – 20 pieces. 

Students who made a 4 at Area, will advance to the State Competition in March.

Regional Winners
Bradley, Nicolas
Ward, Tabitha A.
Dietrich-Greig, Carolyn R.
Cumpton, Rilee
Gonzales-Gandara, Maria
Hernanadez, Nicole
Herrera, Emily
Marzal Benito, Lucia
Merrell, Noah
Moore, Danielle
Pena, Joseline
Pierce, Makayla
Rothell, Caleb
Alanis, Desiray
Ballard, Kristen
Clary, Jewel
Dubose, Preston
Flores, Jenny
Foreman, Patrick
Hart, Kristopher
Hines, Peyton
King, Emma
Lee, Annabel
Mishima, Riena
Nazario, Emily
Nededog, Francisco
Obregon, Aziel
Pilkington, Selah
Rios Montanez, Diego
Sauceda Padron, Annette 
Solomon, Sarah
Twitty, Jaden
Verango, Veronica
Deleon, Macario
Frank, Ashlee
Guana, Emily
Joy, Danielle
Lopez Rosales, Natalie
Petra, Sabina
Renfroe, Ana
Woods, Lauryn

Area Medal Winners & Advancing to State:
Marzal Benito, Lucia
Rothell, Caleb
Deleon, Macario