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Music to my ears: Playlists reflect mood, allow for deeper introspection

There are multiple emotions a person can feel while listening to music and each one connects to an individual emotional experience. Although some people have one playlist where they add all their favorite songs, I have eight different playlists depending on my mood. Songs in different emotions deserve to be put in different playlists rather than all of them being put into one to be the most effective. 

Okay I get it, how people sort their music is not really a big deal and they should just enjoy whatever song comes up on their playlist because, at the end of the day, it is just music. But for me, I need to have each song put into different playlists or I’ll go crazy. 

For some people, making a playlist takes less than a minute, but for me, it takes almost an hour. I enjoy getting creative with playlists because I use them in my daily life. My routine consists of me putting the songs in alphabetical order, choosing a name for each playlist (which takes forever because I can’t ever make up my mind), choosing cover photos, and trying to find new songs that would fit perfectly into the playlist on top of the songs I already have. 

I have chosen four out of the eight playlists to share to give an understanding of why having different playlists is important. 

My first and most played playlist is titled, “You know da vibez” with a fairy emoji at the end. This playlist is for when I just want to chill and feel calm while enjoying the beats and lyrics of the music. It is good for late night car rides, background music when hanging with friends, or just laying down in bed while staring at the ceiling reminiscing with old memories.

My next playlist is titled, “feelings, ha </3’’ and this is on repeat whenever I’m feeling sad or upset about things or just because that’s the mood my mind puts me in. I wouldn’t recommend listening to sad music when you are upset because it just makes you feel worse but hey, at least I can listen to good music while crying myself to sleep. 

Another playlist of mine is titled, “I’m actually happy right now” and this has the sunshine emoji at the end of it. Although the title is kinda sad, this playlist has all my uplifting songs on it that gives me the ultimate euphoric feeling. This playlist reminds me of summertime and road trips and it is  a good feeling. 

Last and definitely not least is my playlist titled, “fireeeee.” This playlist is full of rap and hype songs that are good for car rides with friends, parties, and when you are by yourself in your room having a good time because you have no friends! (I speak from experience…) 

  Now as you can see, if I didn’t have playlists for my moods then I’d have one playlist full of different songs that make me happy, sad, or hyped up. That isn’t ideal because if I had one playlist and I was in a great mood and wanted to listen to uplifting songs, a sad song could come on and ruin my whole mood. 

Each of these playlists are useful for different moments in life and without them I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the music I listen to every day. Having different playlists based on what mood a person is in is almost a necessity, and everyone should have them. 

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