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Classic music longevity proves superiority over modern songs

Nathan Johanson March 10, 2022

The world of music is continuously changing, and while people move on to listening to new music, I continue listening to the good classics from the previous century. I have listened to newer music, but...

Big time crush: Boy band member brings brains, beauty, brawn

Reily Dominy January 18, 2022

Kendall, James, Logan, Carlos; who do I choose!? They are all amazing guys, (except for James) but who is the best of them all? Logan Henderson is the only member in the hit show and band Big Time Rush...

Ctrl-ing her future: SZA’s debut album holds true four years later

Arissa Mejia November 30, 2021

Ctrl (pronounced ¨control¨) is SZA´s debut album released on June 9, 2017. The album was inspired by SZA´s view of control in her life and how she’s gaining power over it again after a long period...

Swift climbs quickly to top of charts with re-recorded album

Abby Mendez May 11, 2021

Very few artists manage to keep up with music trends and stay relevant, but since her debut in 2006, Taylor Swift has managed to redefine herself as an artist across multiple genres, while breaking numerous...

Boyband creates album with personally written, produced music

Maci Brown April 26, 2021

This summer, the boyband Why Don’t We was scheduled to record yet another album of songs written by other people, but luckily, Corona got in the way of that.  Why Don’t We is a 5 person band...

Swift sweeps audiences off their feet with new album

Jasmine Samis October 2, 2020

Taylor Swift lost a fan when she transitioned from country music to lovey-dovey pop songs, but she is winning me back over after listening to one of her songs on her latest album, Folklore. As soon as...

Virtually inspired: Student uses YouTube to learn how to play the piano

Sophia Bradley September 28, 2020

Since early March, people have been quarantined in their homes with instructions to go out in public as little as possible. These rules forced many to lose relationships, jobs and sanity, but it also...

Jungle Jam: Nintendo character spittin’ hot bars

Ron Toback-Wolf April 21, 2020

So the word on the street is that some fancy-schmancy song about existential crises in humans and puppets is “God’s greatest creation, praise be, praise be.” This is horrifically wrong.  Firstly,...

Music plays major role in students’ lives, instrumental to developing mind

Sophia Bradley April 17, 2020

Having the ability to play and understand music is a skill that anyone can acquire over time. Being able to play an instrument is one thing while being able to comprehend and understand what is happening...

Identity crisis: Movie connects to viewers through moving musical number

Abby Mendez April 15, 2020

Everyone has a favorite song. Whether it be rock, classical, or pop, when you ask someone to name their favorite song, they can name at least one.  If you ask anyone they will probably also tell you...

Music to my ears: Playlists reflect mood, allow for deeper introspection

Arissa Mejia April 14, 2020

There are multiple emotions a person can feel while listening to music and each one connects to an individual emotional experience. Although some people have one playlist where they add all their favorite...

South Korean music genre pops into American culture

Arissa Mejia September 12, 2019

In the world, there are a ton of music genres that people like, whether it’s jazz, R&B, country, rock. There’s even music in different languages such as, English, Spanish, Japanese, and many more....

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