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Stan[d] out performance: Actor shines in action, drama, comedy movies

Out of all my favorite actors Sebastian Stan is at the top of my list. Sebastian Stan has appeared in over 30 movies, with his most famous including the Captain America trilogy and Endgame. In Captain America:Winter Soldier is set in the early 1940’s, following the plot line of WW2, with a little sci-fi/action twist. 

Long story short, Stan’s character Bucky falls off a train during a mission, causing him to lose his left arm. He is then captured by the enemy, and everybody assumes he was killed in action. The enemy gives him a prosthetic metal arm with a Soviet red star. Following this he is tortured, brainwashed, in and out of cryo,and turned into a deadly assassin called the “Winter Soldier” for more than seventy years.

Stan’s acting is impeccable. He plays a physically and emotionally broken character with amnesia who doesn’t know his own name, let alone the year he was in. Stan has very few lines in the movie, but he portrays astonishing emotion through his eyes and body language. 

There is an old adage which says: “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Stan proved this statement to be true with his portrayal of Bucky Barnes. In one scene Bucky is about to be brainwashed and the audiences can see the fear in his eyes. Stan is naturally a very bubbly person, so seeing him portray a broken, tortured character, speaks to the level of commitment Stan put into portraying this character.

On a happier note, Stan has been in countless comedies, including The Bronze and Hot Tub Time Machine.  Part of what makes him such a fantastic actor is that he changes his persona for each role. 

Stan is known for being Marvel’s “Sweetheart.” He always seems happy to meet his fans. On top of being an impressive actor, he’s also a sweet and considerate person. Just imagine, you’re meeting your celebrity crush and you’re super nervous because  he seems a bit intimidating due to his appearance, but it turns out he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear.

     Stan has also starred in a few romance movies such as, Endings, Beginnings, and Racheal Getting Married. 

 Stan’s thirty-sixth birthday party was a fundraiser event for those who have autism in Constanta, Romania, his hometown. Another charity event Stan helped with was Our Big Camp Out which helped institutionalized children in Romania. 

Most people assume that he is from America because of his perfect American accent. He can still speak Romainian fluently because it was his first language. He learned English and the pronunciation because he was bullied throughout elementary and middle school just because he was different. So, he took matters into his own hands and became a true American. 

His first role was in a couple episodes of “Law and Order”, but his big break was the Captain America movies. 

All-in-all, Sebastian Stan is an amazing actor who’s also a very sweet person. Next time you think about poking fun at someone, think about what your words can do. Words can hurt, but they can also set someone’s career of being a famous actor.

I think that Stan deserves all the nice things in life because he is selfless and generous with his money, and just overall a fantastic human being.

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