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Fathers lead through faith, family, focus in new Christian movie

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer April 12, 2024

The moral of the story is to always listen to my older sister's movie suggestions. I was not super interested in the idea of a Christian movie about fathers. I may be a faithful Christian, but Christian...

Family, friendly film takes audiences on Journey to Bethlehem

Samantha Lamb, Staff Writer January 23, 2024

I don’t go to the movie theater very often, but in November I went to see Journey to Bethlehem not once, but twice (a first for me). It came out around my birthday, so my family and I went to see the...

Childhood movie continues to captivate after sparking love of creepy, bizarre in youth

Sabrina Bush, Staff Writer January 19, 2024

We all have childhood movies that stick with us for years to come; comfort films that shape and define our earliest memories. Coraline was that movie for me. The more I’ve watched the movie over the...

Celebrity killers create culture of apathy

Ace Roueche, Associate editor September 21, 2023

When you’re watching your favorite television show or reading your favorite book, it can be fun to choose characters to latch onto and drool over. This is a staple of teenage and young adulthood, and...

Some movies are worth melting for

Katherine Keyser, Staff writer February 16, 2023

Frozen. Most people have some sort of association with the movie, whether it’s a pleasant childhood reminiscence, a groan at yet another reminder of Let it Go, or all-out excitement. I fall into the...

So bad it’s good: Christmas movie like a car crash, viewers cannot look away

Sophia Bradley January 15, 2023
December was the one year anniversary of the release of Rekindling Christmas, and just a few days ago it was the one year anniversary of me watching it for the first and last time. 

Long overdue sequel excites fans

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer November 17, 2022

Amazing visuals, a new planet, refreshing views on life and energy. All of these and more can be found in the movie Avatar which has stolen the hearts of many viewers, including mine.  The movie follows...

From book to big screen

Callie Bollinger, Assistant editor October 28, 2022

SPOILERS AHEAD!! The film Where The Crawdads Sing is based on the book of the same name by Delia Owens, which made its debut in theaters this past July. After only a couple of months in theaters, it became...

Say yup to Nope

Say yup to Nope

Ace Roueche, Assistant editor October 13, 2022

People often criticize horror film characters for making stupid decisions, insisting that if they were in a similar situation they would simply say, “nope” and get out of there. Jordan Peele combats...

Classic childhood cinematic film capitalizes on creativity

Maci Brown, Staff writer September 16, 2022
I wholeheartedly believe that Coraline is the best animated film. It's simply perfect. 

Love triangle for the ages

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer September 9, 2022
The creeper in the basement and a viscount fall in love with a girl belonging to one of the least socially acceptable professions in all of France, causing three hangings, two shattered chandeliers, and one burnt down opera house. I love The Phantom of the Opera, and I have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack for as long as I can remember. I have seen it both as a play and as a movie. I love both, though each for different reasons.

Five film franchise pokes fun at horror tropes, fascinates fans

Ace Roueche April 22, 2022
s and Get Out, they can also explore broader subjects. No film franchise exemplifies this as much as the Scream franchise. Over the course of its five films, directors satirize the horror genre, particularly slashers, their rules, and how they treat women and minorities.
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