Realistic characters make 90s movie still relevant

Boyz n the Hood is a movie about a group of friends growing up in the LA projects. The film sheds light on the struggles of minorities in the lower class. It is interesting to watch them grow and see the kind of people they turn into, Doughboy in particular. 

Doughboy is one of the supporting characters in the movie, he lives with his mother and halfbrother Ricky. His mother didn’t love him and was always rude and condescending to him because of her feelings toward his father. She shows obvious favoritism towards his brother Ricky and is always there for him. Doughboy never holds this against his brother though and always sticks up for him, even if they get into disagreements. 

   Doughboy has a rough exterior, but it’s because he never got the love he needed and it hurts to see him treated that way when he was only a kid. His mother is supposed to be there for him and love both of  her children equally. She failed. 

A couple years go by and Doughboy is released from jail after his incarceration, while Ricky has a son and is still in school. Ricky has goals and plans to get out of the hood and go to college and be there for his family. Doughboy thinks that he’ll still be sitting on that porch all his life. 

Fast forward to the end of the movie after Ricky had gotten shot and they bring his body to his mothers house. This scene is absolutely heartbreaking. As Ricky’s girlfriend cries over his body, Doughboy tries to take her son to another room because he doesn’t want him to be exposed to what’s going on. The girlfriend lashes out on Doughboy, and while I understand that she was in shock and hurt, he was just trying to take her child to a better environment. After that, Doughboy tries to support his mother, but she pushes him away and blames him for his brother’s death. He got murdered two weeks later. 

Doughboy is an extremely interesting character and it hurts to see him be treated so unfairly. However, I do like how the movie depicts real life situations and shows that not everything has a happy ending. I think Boyz n the Hood is a great movie that teaches many lessons and provides many aspects of life. I suggest watching it so you can develop your own opinions and maybe learn something too. #justiceforDoughboy