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Women’s health should be open discussion, not issue of embarrassment, shame

Birth control can be seen as a good and a bad thing for women, as it has a variety of positive and negative side effects and stigmas that come along with them. 

In the US alone, about 62% of people are on birth control. Between the ages of 15-49, about 14% are on the pill, about 10.4% are using a long-acting reversible implant, about 18.1% are using female sterilization, and about 5.6% are using male sterilization.

As one of the more popular forms of birth control, the pill, comes with some drawbacks. One of the negatives, that can be difficult for some people, is taking it routinely. The only way to get it to be as effective as possible is to take it at the exact same time every day. If the pill sounds like a good choice, but you’re just a busy person that tends to constantly be on the go, another form of birth control might be more suitable. 

There are many side effects that may only last a few months after starting the pill. However, some people don’t experience any side effects during this time. The most common side effects that can occur are spotting or bleeding, sore breasts, nausea, and headaches. If these side effects persist or are too hard to deal with, switching to another form of birth control might be a better option.

Some more serious side effects that can be more concerning when it comes to the pill. The pill can lead to emotional and mental changes including the change in hormone levels.

Depression, anxiety, nervousness, and mood swings can occur from the hormone changes caused by the pill. Not only does it affect people’s mental health, but it can also put them in serious health risks. Taking the pill can lead to increased risk of breast cancer, blood clotting, migraines, liver problems, increased blood pressure, and weight gain. Before starting the pill, a doctor will ensure that it is safe enough to take, so if it is too dangerous, other options will be given.

Though there are many negatives that come along with the pill, there are also plenty of good reasons the birth control pill may be the best option.

To start off, it’s an effective way to prevent pregnancy. However, many girls that are on the pill aren’t even sexually active. During sex education, they tend to teach young people that the only way to not get pregnant or get STDs is to not have sex. While abstinence may be advisable, it is not realistic in keeping all young people safe.

Young people should be taught safe ways to have sex instead of being left in the dark. Many parents are unsure about putting their children on birth control because they can be afraid that they will use it to have sex without getting pregnant. Although this may be the reason for some people, it shouldn’t be automatically assumed for everyone.

This is brought up again when girls decide they want to get on birth control. It shouldn’t be this way, but people may think that women want to get on birth control for the sole reason to have sex. Obviously this isn’t true, and it can make them nervous to ask their parents or doctors to be put on it.

Aside from preventing pregnancy, there are many health benefits that can make girls want to be on birth control. Birth control can help prevent many health issues: acne, bone thinning, cysts in breasts and ovaries, endometrial and ovarian cancers, infections in ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus, iron deficiency, and PMS can all be prevented or lessened with the use of the pills.

They also help lighten periods and make it easier to predict cycles. Some people have concerns with birth control, because they’re worried about not being able to get pregnant after getting off it. However, with the pill, as soon as someone stops taking it, it is possible to get pregnant right away. If you’re getting off the pill but don’t want to get pregnant, it is best to start using a different kind of birth control right away.

It has become normalized to shame girls for talking about their periods and other completely normal health related things. It’s making girls believe that it’s bad to ask to be put on something to help their own body. Don’t be afraid to talk to a parent, trusted adult, or medical professional about wanting to be put on birth control. They can help figure out what’s best for you.

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