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Women’s health should be open discussion, not issue of embarrassment, shame

Sophia Bradley May 12, 2021

Birth control can be seen as a good and a bad thing for women, as it has a variety of positive and negative side effects and stigmas that come along with them.  In the US alone, about 62% of people...

Get up, get active, get healthy: Making positive decisions, following though can change a life

Kaywin McCall February 25, 2017

One of the most difficult things to do is starting something new. One can overthink it, and talk themselves out of it. Starting a new sport, new class, new way of thinking, self improvements, eating healthy,...

You are what you eat, it’s not a myth

adviser November 20, 2011

Obesity. It's an epidemic, we've been told, and the facts are there to back it up. Since 1980, the percentage of adolescents who are obese has almost tripled, according to the CDC. Government agencies...

Paying attention to your body, know your symptoms

Maurissa Ramirez October 8, 2011

More often than not, when you’re feeling ill, you usually just take some over the counter medication and go about your day. But what happens if your illness is much more serious than you imagined? It’s...

Texas weather doesn’t wilt band, football players

Justin Sanders September 28, 2011

Sweating every ounce of water out of your body standing in the hot sun, wondering when this heat will come to an end is a common sensation for students. Since the beginning of this year Bryan has experienced...

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