Loki, low-key likable character through portrayal in new Disney+ series

Seeing someone from another perspective can help you appreciate and understand the character better. The new Disney+ series, Loki, shares a story from Loki’s perspective and changes how people think of him. Loki steals the tesseract and is captured by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that maintains the sacred timeline. They were going to reset Loki, but they recruited him instead to help them capture another Loki variant, named Sylvie. When he captures Sylvie, he goes with her and they discover who’s really in charge of the TVA. In the end, the timeline branches in various directions, setting up the new multiverse. 

Overall, Loki is a pretty good show and it has made me really like the character. It also almost made me forget how evil Loki is because the TVA was trying to control the timeline and is essentially the “bad guy”. The TVA is a very controlling organization which made me root for Loki and Sylvie. 

Loki has always been devilishly tricking and messing with his brother Thor and trying to take over Midgard (Earth). His hypocrisy is pointed out several times in the first episode as he wants to control Midgard and all nine realms but is strongly against the TVA controlling the timeline. 

I like how Loki changes and grows as a character. Throughout the series, he becomes more relatable and less malicious. He fights for agency and defends the other variants. The creators did well in making him the protagonist, while not deviating from the Loki audiences have come to know. Marvel has done well with character development over the years, like Tony Stark going from a rich egomaniac to a hero who put others before himself. 

This series seems to have set up the next saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). With all the new Marvel trailers, shows, and movies that have come out so far, most people know that the next phase of the MCU will focus mostly on the new multiverse. Loki is going to be a key component in setting up the new multiverse, with the timeline branching out in different directions at the end and introducing characters from other timelines. I think it’s a little bit better than most of the Marvel shows and movies, which is why I’d give it a 9/10. I enjoyed the show and I think everyone should watch it.