Overly-strict Parents: can’t live with them, can’t live without them

While most of us will often complain about rules and authority, the truth is that we actually need and respect the boundaries imposed on us by our parents.

As our parents make rules, it’s a sign that they actually love and care for us, because they are focused on our best interests.

However, some parents take this concept to the extreme and are overtly strict, actually causing more problems than they are preventing.

This love can sometimes be smothering, and hamper the development of their child.

As human beings, we need to grow and become our own person and to learn to make decisions regarding our own lives.

Of course, we don’t come into this world knowing how to do everything, but we should be given more responsibility as time goes on. After all, the best way to learn is from experience.

We’re going to make our own mistakes, but at the end of the day, these are the experiences that we will learn from the most.

Overly-strict parents can sometimes even push their children to the outer extents of rebellion.

As parents set rules that are extremely restrictive, their children will feel like there is no possible way to abide by such rules.

Thus, these kids will simply rebel and ignore anything that their parents would say from there on out.

Instances like this won’t just deter a person from the straight-and-narrow while in high school, but will also give them authoritative issues for the rest of their life.

Sometimes, it also seems as if parents are simply holding on to the idea of us being little kids, and with many of us set to leave the house in the next few years, they hold on harder and suffocate us even more.

What’s even worse is if parents attempt to be your best friend and then also try to impose suffocating rules.

There’s a reason we have friends and there’s a reason we have parents. Our parents should always have our best interests at heart, which means sometimes telling us we can’t do certain things.

Yet, if parents suddenly attempt to switch gears and go from BFF to dictator-in-supreme, not only will we be frustrated, but will have absolutely no reason to follow any of the rules that they set.

For the most part, parents do they best they can. It’s their job to help shape and mold the minds of their children to be productive members of society.

– The Norseman Staff