Students pick up bowling in ‘spare’ time

John Fuller

While many students view the bowling alley as a place to hangout for pizza and fun, students on the bowling team see it as a place where they hone their skills and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Although participation in the bowling program has dwindled in recent years, the team is still preparing for regional competitions.

“We practice twice a week at Grand Station in College Station. Right now they’re doing tournaments against College Station and Rudder,” bowling coach Claire Schultz said. “Whoever wins a majority of those tournaments will go on to regionals, which are in Temple.”

Grand Station helped start teams at each of the local high schools. Now, each of the schools compete regularly.

Many of the students on the bowling team were also a part of competitive leagues and bowling groups before joining the school team.

“I like to bowl,” freshman Gaylan Brown said. “My mom bowls and I’m on a youth league.”

As each of the players have enjoyed bowling, they also plan to continue bowling after high school and into adulthood.

“[I like] just having fun with friends,” sophomore Chris Polak said.

Students interested in joining the bowling team can contact sponsor Claire Schultz in Silver Content mastery.