‘Stereo’types found out of tune with reality

How many people would say that music is their life? I see it every day on Facebook, where someone is talking about their favorite music and how it soothes them, and allows them to escape the stress of everyday life. Sure, each person has their preference, but the music world has so much to offer and the majority of students only listen to a few genres, like the typical pop, rap, country and rock music on the radio.

Each genre has a stereotype: pop is for the younger group, so most of it deals with topics like relationships and ‘love’, rap is seen as nothing but ‘gangster music’ and frequently talks about dirty stuff, country singers are perceived to write all of their problems down and make it into a song (mostly by losing a girl and drinking their sorrow away), and, of course, rock is known as the ‘Devil’s Music.’ We all know that these stereotypes are not always true, but there is a certain genre that is near and dear to my heart that, I get offended when it is talked down on and mistaken for its stereotype.

Metal, especially the hardcore rock with screaming, groovy drums, a thick bass sound and brutal guitars, has been my passion for a while now and there’s nothing else I’d rather do than play it myself. But, there are points where people make fun of it and give it a bad name, which highly irks me.

Of course, there are going to be examples of the aforementioned stereotypes in each genre, so there are those who talk about the devil. However, no one can give the band negative criticism just because the band’s beliefs are different than others. There are plenty of other bands that talk about life, such as losing a loved one, growing up without a mother/father figure, or just having a good time. Most could bring up the fact that they cannot understand what the singer is saying, but this doesn’t matter. If one paid attention to what the bands were saying, they would realize that most of the music has a very deep meaning.

For those who say it’s stupid for someone to scream instead of sing, you should know that not only does it take some talent to scream like that, but it’s what the screamer is comfortable with. Feeling comfortable with the music they make is their main focus. The band can only hope that people with their sort of taste in music will enjoy it. Bands really work hard at what they do, and though they expect some negative criticism from those who don’t give it a chance, the band continues to do what they do best.

So, while I enjoy playing my music and listening to what is appealing to my ears, everyone else can listen to theirs and stop criticizing mine. Music is not just for listening, it’s a way of life, a choice, a family where people who like the same music all come together and have a good time.