Students get ‘wild’ with cultural outreach through song, dance

Members of Vikingoteo participate and perform in various community events during the school year.

In the vibrant celebration of music and dance, students from diverse backgrounds join together to form Vikingoteo, which promotes leadership, community and friendship while incorporating fun.

Sponsor Alejandro Morales has developed the band based on different cultures and languages.

“Vikingoteo comes from the language of the Aztecs where ‘oteo’ means ‘wild’,” Morales said. “So, we are the ‘wild Vikings’.”

Besides bringing culture into the student’s lives, Morales wanted to unite the different groups that form in high school through the art of music.

“I started Vikingoteo due to the lack of student involvement,” Morales said. “If students were not involved in sports, choir, band, Shy-Annes or other [high profile] groups, I was concerned they would not be involved at all and I thought they needed an outlet.”

Vikingoteo has successfully reached out to a variety of students to create a place where everyone feels accepted.

“[The group] has been composed of all sorts of kids, from the most popular kids at Bryan High, to the ones that no one knows exists,” Morales said.

Morales sees dance as a way to get people out of their shells and experience new things.

“I was the one no one knew existed and dancing really changed my life, I toured with the national theatre and danced around the US,” Morales said. “I also performed at the White House twice and that’s what I want to do; I want to change people’s lives.”

Junior Jonathan Sauceda originally joined the band to meet new people, but through Morales’ passion for music, he too has learned to develop a passion for danceing.

“I have been involved in music for 2 years and I love dancing,” Sauceda said. “My favorite thing about the band, though, is Mr. Morales because he has taught me through new experiences and made me a better person.”

Senior Julian Cadena has been involved in music since he was in middle school and is currently a member of the Viking Band. Vikingoteo has taught him life lessons beyond rhythms and beats.

“I’ve learned that when you do something you do it with ambition and passion, and when you work with people you do it with friendship,” Cadena said.

Besides performing, Vikingoteo does its best to give back to the community.

“We have been invited for MASH (Make A Smile Happen), Toys for Tots, and performed for different radio stations and organizations. We like to help out with the community,” Morales said.

The band meets weekly while dancers meet on Tuesdays and musicians meet on Wednesdays in the large auditorium. If you’re interested in joining Vikingoteo, contact Mr. Morales or check out webpage online for more information.