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Drama takes movie goers on emotion rollercoaster, culminating with twist ending


Remember Me, is a romantic drama film set in New York during the summer of 2001 where two people suffer grief, death, and strained family relationships. The main characters, Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig find each other and somehow the sting of pain is bearable when they are together. These two inevitably end up falling in love, finding solace and peace in each other. Everything is right in the world. Or is it?

 This movie is a beautiful, sad story. It talks about serious topics such as depression, suicide, family relationships and paints an accurate picture of real world struggles that come with love and relationships. I would highly recommend this movie as it’s directed well and shows the struggles of life.

This film stars Robert Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins and Emilie De Ravin as Ally Craig. Remember Me starts with an unsettling opening scene on the New York subway; it’s almost as if you can tell something bad is going to happen. Young Ally watches her mother get murdered right in front of her. Although devastated, she continues on with her life with her cop father (it’s important later, promise) and channels her grief into sociology classes at NYU.

Tyler’s grief begins with the loss of a family member, his brother Michael. Michael committed suicide, which turned Tyler’s world into chaos. His parents get a divorce and Tyler’s left to care for his little sister, Caroline. The two siblings are essentially forgotten by their father, which causes strained and cold relationships. Tyler becomes rebellious and angry at his father, and rebels against his father by not attending classes at NYU and instead works at the university’s bookstore. 

Ally and Tyler “meet” through her father, Neil (told you it was important). Long story short is that Tyler got drunk with his best friend/roommate and got into a bar fight which ultimately ends with him getting thrown in jail and getting beaten pretty badly by Neil. After Tyler is bailed out of jail by his father, his best friend pushes Tyler to date and then dump Ally as revenge on Neil for arresting him. Tyler takes his friend’s bet and starts dating Ally. 

After dating for a while, Tyler starts to realize that he might have genuine feelings for Ally. Ally sees a tattoo on Tyler’s chest that prompts her to ask questions and he eventually gives in and tells her the tragedy of his brother. Ally finds comfort in Tyler about her mother’s death and the two of them confess their love for each other. It’s so beautifully heart wrenching. 

When the two actors shot this scene, they portray their characters perfectly. Both actors had the correct emotions and didn’t over-do it all. It was the perfect amount of tension because one, you didn’t know whether Tyler was going to lash out or not, and two, Robert and Emilie had such good chemistry that their acting was seamless.

Just imagine finding the one person who completely understands your pain and won’t pity or judge you; they will just be there for you. That’s probably one of my favorite things about this film, it shows that you can find love and hope when you feel you are stuck in a place that is rock bottom. 

Okay, so here where it gets even sadder: Tyler never tells Ally about the bet like the idiot he is. Ally finds out and distances herself from Tyler, leaving both of them in utter shambles. Tyler tries to explain but she just doesn’t hear him out. Tyler’s best friend comes to the rescue, thankfully. The best friend talks to Ally and explains that the bet was all his idea and eventually gets Ally and Tyler to reconcile. Everything is perfect.

Tyler goes to visit his father at work, and discuss his little sister Caroline. Tyler sees his dad’s desktop pictures, and it’s of Tyler and Caroline. Tyler has the earth shattering revelation that his father truly cares about his children. As Tyler waits for his father, gazing out the window of the North Tower of The World Trade Center on the 92nd floor and he watches helplessly as American Airlines Flight 11 hits the building. That’s right, Tyler Hawkins died in 9/11.

I believe that Remember Me has everything to offer from laughter to heartbreak. It shows that even in your darkest moments, there is always going to be someone who can help. If you enjoy sad movies, this one’s for you, and again if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. Don’t forget your popcorn and box of tissues!

Robert has truly done an amazing job transitioning from portraying an angry, even a little violent character to one who becomes a totally different person. Emilie also played her character perfectly. She was able to portray a heartbroken, scarred young woman and a woman who learned to embrace the world again. 

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