Students should shoulder school spirit 

Students complain about how boring high school is and lament the fact that it isn’t what they see on movies and TV shows.

While reality is frequently a far cry from what is found on both the small and big screens, a lot of the “boring” comes from the behavior of the students.

If students would embrace activities like dress-up days and other events, they would see a ripple effect that could change the atmosphere of the entire campus. 

Students like to blame adults or society or anything really on things being lame, but really it is our own fault. 

We need to take more responsibility in making school fun. We need to invest in the atmosphere and spirit of our school, because it is in fact…our school.
If the student body would collectively buy into activities, everyone would have more fun. 

If we would push the envelope and go all out for dress-up days, more and more people would get involved.

If we would show up to events to cheer each other on, it would become viral and support for each and every event would become the norm instead of the exception.

The fact is, we have some phenomenal programs at Bryan High. We have students who have enjoyed success on the local, state, and even national level, but until we as a student body become unified in celebrating those things, the adults around us cannot carry those celebrations alone. 

Looking at yearbooks from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even 2000s sometimes look a lot different, but that isn’t because school has changed that much, but because we have as students.

We need to be more engaged. We need to be more involved. We need to find a way to celebrate what it means to be a Viking.

We spend four years here, why shouldn’t we make the most of our time and have fun while we are doing it? Adulthood comes fast and though many of us are trying to hurry to get there, we don’t want to miss the opportunities we have now to celebrate and have fun in high school.