Heartthrob heartache avoided with Harry Styles appearance on teen-scene

Everyone in their early teens has a heartthrob, whether It was Justin Bieber or one of the Jonas brothers, I was always fan-girling over the next popular teen boy singer. I was always dreaming of Justin Bieber appearing on my doorstep and confessing his undying love for me. Then once I respond with “YES, YES, TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS AND NEVER LET ME GO,” he would proceed to do his choreographed song and dance while throwing rose petals at me. 

A bit dramatic yes, but what can I say, I liked grand gestures at the time. 

It didn’t stop there though. I would listen to their new album on repeat (the Jonas brothers) or dance around my room acting out one of my favorite parts in the song. I even got a little crazy with it and turned the music up so loud that my next door neighbors and their dogs got to enjoy it too. 

But those fan-girl dreams were crushed when every one of the heartthrob pre-teens I loved so much got into trouble and spiraled out of control (cough, cough, Justin) or split up like the Jonas brothers did. And a long dry span of disappointing wannabes trying to fill the hole that those boys left, and FAILING MISERABLY (cough cough Matty B, if you know, you know 😉 

I mean come on! All I ask for is a cute singer boy that I can daydream about, it’s not like I’m being picky. I’m not saying that I would rather my next heartthrob have dark hair. Or that I would prefer if he had dimples and light eyes. Or that I would LOVE if he had muscles. No, I’m being perfectly reasonable and not asking for any of those things, so what’s the hold up.

Even our parents and grandparents had their heartthrobs, so give me mine!

I had almost lost all hope, but then I was introduced to the song “Carolina” by Harry Styles. It’s fun and feels vintage in a nostalgic way, and has a rockstar beat. 

It brings me back to the early 2000s, but feels more like reliving my past in the present rather than feeling outdated. 

While enjoying his song listeners get that “wow, I’m in love” feeling they haven’t been able to recreate in the last decade, and then they know he’s their next heartthrob. 

 And no, you’re not the only one feeling it. In the last five years Harry has blown up to full-on Taylor swift level fame. People are going crazy over him. 

It’s like a remake of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Harry’s quirky outfits and tattoos. In every song he makes he has a way of making it seem like he’s singing them directly to you, and girls love a guy that can make her feel special.

He’s taking every teen girl’s heart and I’m okay with it. It’s what we are owed, for all those miserable years of feeling lost without a true hero to own our ears and hearts.