To my own beat

Concerts amp up emotions through music

Over the past few months, I have traveled across Texas to see several concerts. It is a rather expensive hobby, but it’s been totally worth every penny. I wish I could go back in time and re-experience the blaring music, raging crowds, and best of all: the epic merch.

Prior to this year, I had never been to a concert, so my mom wanted to rectify that by taking me to my first one the weekend of my 15th birthday. Bon Jovi was the headliner and his opening act was determined by auditions he held for local bands at each location and awarded the winner with the gig.

Bon Jovi was amazing; even at his old age, he can still hit those funky moves. He sang like a motorcycle, loud and metal. Well, maybe not that last part.

My only negative experience with the concert was the crowd. At one point, I was coming back to my seat and had to get past a few people in order to get back to my chair. I tapped the guy on the outermost seat, asking him if I could skooch on past, and he started cussing me out.

I was already overwhelmed by the noise and stress, and this was the last straw that made me break down. I had to go a different route to my seat, and it started my first concert experience with a less-than-desirable event. But the second the concert started, I had the time of my life! It’s safe to say that this concert is my second favorite concert ever, with a 9/10 rating on the Reily scale.

Madam Radar was the band elected as the opening act for Bon Jovi. As soon as they emerged on stage, they buttered my biscuit.

They were exactly my style; yeemo (a combination of yee-yee and emo).

As soon as they left the stage, I immediately searched to see if they had any upcoming concerts, and sure enough, they did!

A few months later I attended their concert in Houston.

It was so awesomesauce. After most of the attendees left the venue, the band came down to the floor, and I got to meet my two favorite members! Although I looked like I was constipated while meeting them because of how nervous and tense I was.

I give this concert a 9/10, but only because I can’t let them have a better score than Bon Jovi.
The next concert I went to was The Mixtape tour featuring New Kids on The Block, Envouge, Salt-N-Pepa, and Rick Astley, and it was pretty ‘ight.

I mainly went so my mom didn’t have to go alone like a loser. I’m not really a Salt-N-Pepa or NKOTB fan; however, it was still an amazing experience. I even got to be Rick-rolled in person!

The crowd was mostly old white ladies fangirling over their childhood crushes, so needless to say the energy in the venue was crazy. I rate this concert a 6/10.

My mom surprised me and my brother with tickets to see Big Time Rush because we like to watch the show together and my brother really likes their music.

It was a high-energy concert full of raging hormones pumping through the room, which just added to the thrill.
My favorite part of the concert was seeing my brother’s reaction to the band playing his favorite song – “The Poop Song.” His tiny body could barely contain his excitement, but his sleepy eyes helped him stay grounded.

During the concert, Logan (my favorite member) came out into the crowd and ended up just feet away from me as I watched in awe. At the end of the concert, one by one, the members ripped their shirts off and threw the sweaty shreds into the crowd, revealing their firm shiny bodies. It’s safe to say both my brother and I really enjoyed this concert and didn’t stop talking about it until we fell asleep.

For all of those reasons, I rate this concert an 8/10.

Spencer Sutherland… eww. Just saying his name makes me want to rip my eardrums out.

He was the opening act for Big Time Rush, but that doesn’t mean he was good.

This wannabe Harry Styles was awful; he sang several suggestive songs with curse words, which normally I wouldn’t have a problem with, but BTR’s target audience is mostly young kids.

On top of his horrendous song choice, he was also thrusting towards the prepubescent crowd, which I found a tad strange.

And on top on top of that, he didn’t even have a very good singing voice. He lowkey sounded like a young Harry Styles on X factor when he sang “Hey Soul Sister,” so I guess he got that part right.

Overall, I rate Spencer Sutherland a -2/10.

Last but certainly not least is My Chemical Romance. I have listened to them since I was eleven years old, so it’s safe to say I’m a pretty big fan.

They are my favorite band ever, and when I found out my mom got us tickets, I literally cried.

The day of the concert was very nerve-racking because I was about to experience every emo’s dream.

The concert was absolutely breathtaking. Despite being in the very back row, I could still tell how alluring Gerard Way was.

They played almost all of my favorite songs, a few of which I cried during. I was so overwhelmed with emotions, it felt as if I was being submerged in a vial of liquid exhilaration.

Even though those 40-year-old men were crusty, boy, could they sing. They sounded almost the exact same as they did back in 2001, just with more emotion. I constantly find myself longing to go back, this concert definitely deserves a 10/10.

I love concerts with every single atom in my body. I feel as if I ascend into a higher form every time I attend one; it is absolutely whimsical. I love it all, wondrous, bonhomous, raucous, melodious, it’s all euphonious to my ears.