Helping hand

Student athletic trainer spends four years contributing to health of athletes

Contrary to popular belief, athletes on the field are just a fraction of what makes a team successful.Other people behind the scenes make winning a game posible, including student athletic trainer senior Tori Chambers. She works to keep athletes healthy on and off the field. 

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes for athletics,” Tori said. “Athletics is not just playing a sport, athletes have to take care of their entire well being.” 

Ever since Tori joined athletic training her freshman year, she has gotten to see the process athletes go through before competitions. 

“I joined the training program after football season so I worked with boys soccer,” Tori said. “I was surprised by how many of them were cramping all of the time and how much they needed to stretch.”

Tori said that being an athletic trainer comes with more responsibility than being just “a water girl.” Most people overlook the important things that athletic trainers do on a daily basis.

“I help athletes with their injuries, minor and major.” Tori said. “I help them recover and get back to the field.”

Tori has learned a lot about helping others while being an athletic trainer and she has used some of the things she has learned to help herself.

“I like being able to help,” Tori said. “Athletic training also helps me because I work and keep myself free from injuries.”

Being an athletic trainer has had a positive impact on Tori, as well as those around her.

“Tori’s very friendly and has a good nature about her,” athletic trainer Trent Cox said. “She loves to laugh so she gets along with others very well. Lots of coaches will request her to work their sports or  games because they know that she’s a hard worker.” 

Over the past four years, Tori has become a staple in the program. Despite some original doubts about the program, she quickly warmed up to it and has grown to become a proficient trainer.

“Tori has really grown into one of our leaders,” Cox said. “She came into the program kind of passive and nervous but, she does a great job of stepping up, volunteering, and finding things that need to be done.