Long overdue sequel excites fans

Amazing visuals, a new planet, refreshing views on life and energy. All of these and more can be found in the movie Avatar which has stolen the hearts of many viewers, including mine. 

The movie follows an ex-marine, Jake Sully, as he journeys to the planet Pandora. He is chosen to be part of the Avatar program, founded to help Americans learn more about the inhabitants on Pandora, the Na’vi.

The Avatar program makes people look like the Na’vi, who are 10 feet tall blue humanoids. They are extremely beautiful and peaceful creatures who prioritize connection to nature and animals. 

As Jake explores their world, he develops a new understanding of his connection with nature, others, and himself. 

Throughout the movie, Jake is in a power struggle with himself. The actor, Sam Worthington, portrayed the dilemma his character faced flawlessly, and helped me really see Jake’s struggle in the movie. He has to decide if he should help the Na’vi or his own people, and the choice ultimately endangers both Pandora and the Na’vi. 

This mirrors real life as many human errors and choices harm the environment and its inhabitants, much like what happens on Pandora. It was interesting to watch this movie because it hints at the real world, but the filmmakers made our problems easier to understand by creating a new reality.

The enchanting world that the filmmakers created is my favorite part of the movie. The CGI that was used at the time was new to many people. This technology helped create the amazing Na’vi and the world of Pandora. 

The vibrant colors and new exciting creatures caught my attention and made me fall in love with the film. The visuals also helped me and other audience members understand the connection between the Na’vi and nature by using lights and colors to emphasize it.

The Ikran, which are flying dragon-like creatures, are insanely interesting and beautiful. The Na’vi choose one Ikran and fly with it for their whole life. The connection between the rider and the Ikran is just one example of the Na’vi’s connections to nature. The connection that they have with these animals is inspiring and the gentleness of the Na’vi with nature is something that should be more apparent in our world today.

The love story in the movie between Jake and the chief’s daughter Neytiri, is an important part of the movie. Even though the Na’vi hate humans, Neytiri feels compelled to save Jake. As Jake learns about her world, she grows to trust him. Jake sees the beauty of Neytiri’s world and wants to join it with her. 

Their love is forbidden, it makes a lot of viewers root for it more. I think that even though the love story is a big part of the movie, it isn’t the main point. The love story should not overshadow the true meaning of this movie, the showing of the founding and destruction of an innocent world and people due to greed.

Avatar is about more than just a human learning the ways of a different species, it is about the colonization of places by America. The idea that Americans would come to this planet that didn’t belong to them and take things is a pattern in history. 

As myself and others watch this movie, we should be reminded that you can learn without harming, and that not everything beautiful needs to be touched. If we can implement the way of the Na’vi and truly understand the message of this movie, then we may start to turn a corner that has been long overdue in our world.