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Love of libraries goes beyond lessons in literacy

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved visiting the library. Back then, I loved playing games on the computers, pretending to be a chef at the toy kitchens, and checking out my favorite cartoons. When I got a bit older, I began to enjoy other aspects of the library. I could check out almost any book I want for free, and I love having a quiet place to study when I need it.

When you think of a library, you probably think of books. Although many people love to read, not everyone does, and with other forms of entertainment readily available, libraries may seem unnecessary. Libraries are not as popular as they once were, and it seems like eventually they’ll fade away. 

However, I believe that people should show more appreciation and support for libraries and make sure they stay open. Public libraries are important parts of communities and help people in ways you may have never thought of before.

For starters, libraries help with people’s education. Many provide tutoring services, encyclopedias, access to educational websites, and free classes on various subjects. Most libraries also have computers, internet access, and open workspaces. These resources are useful to people who otherwise couldn’t access them. No matter a person’s financial situation, they can count on libraries for free knowledge. In a fast-paced world based on information, libraries play a vital role for the public at large.

Some people may not know about everything available to check out at a library. In addition to regular books, there are usually audiobooks, movies, TV series, comics, manga, and magazines available to borrow. Libraries also tend to partner with companies such as Overdrive or Hoopla to allow people to check out both ebooks and audiobooks directly onto their phone, tablet, or computer. This is super convenient for people who can’t or don’t want to leave their home to check out books.

However, librarians help people with much more than just finding something to read, listen to, or watch. They are trained with all sorts of information. Librarians can help with things like filling out tax forms, getting career training, job applications, resume writing, and applying for citizenship. For people who struggle with the things listed, librarians can walk them through each step. Think of it as librarians being their own kind of superhero.

In addition to this, libraries play an important role in helping immigrants learn English. Libraries provide plenty of books, audiobooks, and online resources that can help with learning English, including multilingual books. Many libraries in larger cities also provide free language classes, employment help, and bilingual housing.

Libraries also give families opportunities to have fun and spend time together. Libraries often hold events for kids such as storytimes, playgroups, and classes about toys and video games. Teens and adults can join clubs and workshops as well. These events are typically free, and a great, accessible way to meet new people and learn new skills. It also allows libraries to reach out to the community and let people know that the library is more than just a building filled with dusty books.

Overall, libraries are important places that help communities. Even if reading isn’t really your thing, it can’t hurt to support your local library. Simply getting a library card will help your library get better funding, and you should enjoy the perks the card affords individuals.