Soccer player reinstated after UIL disqualified from play

After moving across the country, joining a new team, and practicing during the off-season, junior Addi Hollinger was told that she would not be able to play the game she loved.  UIL ruled that she was disqualified from playing because her father still lived in another state and she could be living with him. 

Addi moved from Wisconsin to Texas this past summer and took the initiative by immediately reaching out to members of the soccer team. Not long after practice started, she found her position as a left-back and as a valued member of the team.  

“When Addi arrived, she just kind of found her place and the team was very welcoming,” soccer coach Chris Gibson said. “We try to have a family atmosphere, and so when Addi came in and was just herself and didn’t try to be anyone she wasn’t, she easily fit in. The whole team just bonded and clicked.”

Addi as an established member of the girl’s soccer community was looking forward to the season when UIL informed her she could not play.

“UIL has a process for transfers that require some forms to be filled out,” Gibson said.  “Addi’s forms raised some flags with UIL that needed some clarification. There was a period when things were up in the air and we were not sure if Addi would be able to play. It was hard since Addi had worked so hard all semester.”

Members of the team were also upset to hear the news as Addi quickly became an integral member of the team. 

“We were all very heartbroken and upset to hear the news,” teammate, junior Maddie Waller said. “We really love having her on this team. Addi has added a lot of enthusiasm and jokes to the team.”

After clarifying some questions from UIL, Addi was cleared to play for the season. She was able to participate in the games, and also continue to grow with the lessons she learned from playing soccer. 

“Soccer has taught me resilience and how to work with others well,” Addi said. “I have learned that if you make a mistake in life, like soccer, you have to just keep going. I think that has helped me a lot in life because it reminds me that I can’t change what happened, but I can change how I’m going to react to the situation. ”