Fashion forward

Popular trends control public opinion

Trends are constantly changing, coming and going in a flash. I have to admit, there are a few current trends that I have participated in, but other trends absolutely baffle me. Trends are already confusing enough globally, but in the realm of teen girls and young women, it gets a lot more intricate. These trends change even quicker than trends among the general population. 

Let’s start with one of the current trends – Stanley cups. Stanley cups are these big metal cups that carry 30 to 40 fluid ounces of whatever liquid you would like.

 The cups come in a variety of colors, but what makes them so popular is that the bottom of the cup is thinner than the top, which allows it to fit in car cup holders! I, for one, want a Stanley because it holds more than my current water bottle that I carry around school, it also comes in my favorite color (light pink), AND it has a handle. 

This cup has a choke hold on girls everywhere, and for good reasons! It’s practical and cute, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, I still do not have a Stanley cup, because they are always out of stock. 

Next, the puffer vest. The puffer vest is a fashion trend that I can simply not get on board with. It honestly reminds me of the Michelin Tires mascot.

 I feel like it can not be styled in a flattering way, and it makes whoever is wearing it look like a box. There are apparently also some metallic puffer vests out there. Like, are you trying to become a traffic cone? The puffer vest is not a trend I will be participating in, and I do not agree with the girls who say it is “fashion forward,” or “the next big thing.”

Styling hair is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things a girl can do. The process of getting the desired result is the most complicated thing I’ve probably ever done. Most of the time, styling your hair ends up with a hairbrush getting stuck in it and the smell of hairspray slowly starting to seep into your brain. 

A new styling technique that has been born within heatless curling is called “The Robe Tie Curls.” Before robe tie curls, the Dyson Air Wrap was a huge seller among girls everywhere. As girls continued to buy them, it became more and more expensive, and us ladies seeked an alternative. 

Robe Tie Curls is literally what it sounds like. You get a robe tie and place it on top of your head, and then twist sections of your damp hair around each end, and tie it off when you have run out of hair, then sleep on it. BAM, beautiful curls the next day! 

Robe Tie Curls are my absolute favorite way to curl my hair, and they last all day. I am a heavy participant in this trend and I will vouch for it one hundred percent. Not only are they easy, cost effective and effortless, there’s also no damage to your hair! 

I don’t know about you, but I always save the best for last. My all time favorite trend claw clips. Sure they have been trending for a while, but they have been consistently trending and for a good reason.

Claw clips are the new and improved version of the hair tie among teenage girls. Not only do claw clips come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors, but they can be styled in multiple ways. The claw clips were originally very popular in the 90s, as well as scrunchies. This just shows that most trends are extremely repetitive and goes very well with the saying “what’s old is new again.”

Claw clips can hold thick, thin, all types of hair! Whether you’ve got straight, wavy, curly, or even fake hair, claw clips will hold your hair in whatever style you want.  As a girl with long hair, it’s pretty easy for my hair to get  tangled throughout the day. The claw clip allows my hair to be up and out of the way. The claw clip is a two in one type deal it’s functional and cute! 

The claw clip has got to be my all time favorite trend, and I am not ashamed of being on the claw clip bandwagon. Out of all of these trends, I would definitely recommend this one specifically. I honestly believe that if you’ve got any type of hair, it will change your life. 

You might hate or love all of these trends I’ve listed, but the thing about trends is that they could be deemed unpopular in a blink of an eye. The most important thing about trends is that they are fleeting, and that ultimately you should stick to what makes you happy, no matter what people say is trendy or untrendy.