Binge worthy Netflix show captivates audiences

Good Girls is a show not meant for the weak. In being able to enjoy watching it, you have to imagine you’re living in it. The series is cautioned against young viewers due to not very PG-13 scenes including, but not limited to violence, drugs, and bad influences- basically everything that makes a good, binge-worthy show.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, because I’m a great human being and I’d rather you tread your own path, but also you have no other option but to listen to my opinion of the show because I’m a valuable source of information. 

Anywho, let’s continue. 

Good Girls is the type of show that someone would watch when they’re entering the adult world. When I first started watching season 1 (out of 4), I was honestly very uncomfortable. It wasn’t necessarily a bad uncomfortable, more like an “I don’t know what this is” sort of uncomfortable. 

There were a lot of twists and turns within the first season alone that I was not expecting, whatsoever. Characters who I didn’t expect to have ANY development…well…developed. It was difficult to predict the next episode or even the next scene. 

One second, I was watching intently, trying to figure out what the characters were doing. Then the next, I was screaming at the TV because they did exactly what I DID NOT want them to do. I feel like I let out a lot of anger because I was constantly yelling or criticizing the characters’ decisions. Good Girls is a great show overall, but the characters’ decisions will have you wanting to pull out your hair. 

I will say this though, there were moments when I wanted to cry. Not for sad moments, per se, but more because I was on the verge of jumping through the screen and showing the characters exactly what they’re doing wrong and how it’s hurting those around them. I can feel the pain through the TV screen. 

The characters around the main cast are the ones who get hurt the most, and that just rubs a sore spot within me. Like, why do you need to hurt those closest to you? The people who are supposed to be your everything? Honestly, it just doesn’t make any sort of sense to me. 

I know that most of what I’m saying is negative; the hair-pulling, the crying because characters don’t know how to act correctly, etc, right? It’s the type of review that makes viewers decide, “you know what, that might actually not be my cup of tea.” However, I honestly believe it’s EXACTLY the right cup of tea for any individual…above the age of 16, of course with parental consent. 

Nobody wants to sit around watching four seasons that consist of 10-13 episodes and evoke no sort of emotion right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the constant going back and forth arguing. Or if it’s the crying of anger and resentment (when I tell you the characters make me so angry, I mean it), or even just a little laugh here and there. 

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to be bored while watching a show, and that’s exactly what Good Girls allows you not to do. 

There’s never a dull moment, and you’ll never going to say, “ I regret watching this because I’m starting to fall asleep.” If anything, you’ll lie down trying to go to sleep, then five minutes later you’re turning on the television and continuing where you left off. I hate to say it, (not really) but Good Girls is THAT show. 

For those who love to yell at the TV, I strongly recommend watching Good Girls. If you feel like Good Girls doesn’t entice you or won’t bring any sort of feelings other than, “Oh here we go again” well then, you’re wrong. 

Put unimportant things down, get some food, turn on Netflix, and prepare to let out some steam.